“Junior Pope told me he was dying and wanted to speak out” – Actor Dave Ogbeni recounts his last encounter with late colleague, hints at marital crisis

Junior Pope burial takes place on May 17

Nollywood actor, Dave Ogbeni has shared his last encounter with his now late colleague, Junior Pope.

The upcoming actor hinted at the actor having a marital crisis as he revealed that Junior Pope cried out to him that he was dying slowly. According to him, on the day before the boat incident, Junior Pope and he were drinking and talking after watching Arsenal/Bayern Munich match and he said he wanted to share his story with bloggers.

Dave stated that he convinced the actor not to speak out and for them to settle things privately without the world knowing. He claimed that Junior Pope told him that since December, he had been dying slowly and had told him to share his story with the world should anything happen to him.

The light-skinned actor promised to speak out in the future.

“On the Day before the boat incident, Jnr Pope and I were drinking together after watching Arsenal/ Bayern Munich match, He said Dave I think it’s time I told the bloggers my story. I said Bro, it hasn’t gotten to that, we can settle this without the world knowing. He looked me in the eyes and said what do you mean, since December? I’m dying gradually and you’re telling me not to tell the world? If I d!e you will be the one to tell the world my story then and He D!ed the next Day. When it is time, I will speak for the world to hear”.

aking to the comment section, many decoded that he could be hinting at a marital crisis between the late actor and his wife as one fan claimed that the mother of his kids had packed out of his house.

One Esther Mike wrote, “I heard his wife packed out of his house since December

One Ebonie Bae wrote, “All of you are mad if he didn’t come out to share it, let it die with him. All of you are clout chasers

One Honey Business Growth wrote, “Sha no scatter the family

One Turex Beauty wrote, “JP was an intentional husband and dad. Make una no scatter the lovely family he left behind. We shall no wan see or hear anything like DNA because na Naija way

One Choicejj04 wrote, “Them go start to drag the wife like Wunmi! Nigeria which way? This is and

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