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Ange Postecoglou credits Arsenal ‘blueprint’ with Mikel Arteta ahead of Spurs clash


Ange Postecoglou has credited Arsenal’s ‘blueprint’ under Mikel Arteta and insists Tottenham’s rivals are a ‘great example’ of a club backing their manager.

Spurs can put a dent in Arsenal’s Premier League title hopes this weekend as they host the Gunners in the north London derby on Sunday.

Arsenal currently sit one point clear of Manchester City at the top of the Premier League and 17 points ahead of Spurs ahead of Sunday’s fixture.

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And Postecoglou feels Arsenal have shown the correct support for Arteta in order to improve the club’s situation since the Spaniard took over in December 2019.

‘I think I’ve said before, it’s not a coincidence that the teams who have been up there the last two or three years are teams that have had a clear plan of what they wanted to do and stuck by it,’ said Postecoglou.

‘Arsenal’s a great example of that. Mikel’s done an outstanding job, it’s been recognised by the club and they feel he’s the man to lead them forward and they’ve supported him ever since then. There’s a blueprint there, for sure, for every club.

‘But it’s not as simple as saying, ‘we’ll just stick to the same process’. Every club is unique, every club’s different in terms of how they rebuild. But it’s a credit to Arsenal, and Mikel more than anybody that they’ve been really disciplined about building a side they feel can bring sustained success and they’ve been challenging for the last two to three to do that.

Asked if he would be satisfied if Spurs hinder Arsenal’s title hopes, Postecoglou said: ‘Not in terms of that as a motivation, no.

‘I want to win and I understand the importance of winning against your traditional rival. I’ve just come down from Glasgow, I’ve got a fair idea about what derbies mean to supporters.

‘I never believe your motivation should revolve around the demise of somebody else. Your motivation should be about yourself. I want to win because I want us to achieve something. I want us to progress. I want us to be in a position fighting for the title. That’s what drives me, not the demise.

‘If that’s your kind of measure, always peering over the back fence to see what your neighbour’s building, you could both have the worst houses in the street because everyone else is building beautiful places and you’re looking over the back fence.

‘When it gets to this time of the year, I want us to be one of the ones fighting for that ultimate prize.

‘Right now we are 10, 15 points behind that. That’s your measure.

‘We can win on Sunday but it doesn’t mean we are title contenders this year. To be title contenders you’ve got to do it over the course of the whole year. That’s how I’m measuring ourselves. So we know we’ve still got some work to do.

‘At the same time, we’re in a better position than we were 12 months ago to build on that. That has to be our aim, that in 12 months’ time we’re in a position where we are one of the contenders rather than trying to disrupt them.’

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