Whyte’s first words after winning appeal and securing boxing comeback | Boxing | Sport

Whyte's first words after winning appeal and securing boxing comeback | Boxing | Sport

Dillian Whyte has opened up on his ordeal after his name was cleared following a positive drugs test, which was since determined to have occurred due to a ‘contaminated supplement’. The former WBC interim heavyweight title holder was due to face Anthony Joshua last year but the fight was cancelled after findings from the Voluntary Anti-Doping Association.

The organisation had ruled that the 35-year-old Brit had undergone a test prior to the slated bout, with the results showing ‘adverse analytical findings’. As a result, the man known to fans as ‘The Villain’ was unable to honour his planned re-match with Joshua back in August.

However, Whyte has now been cleared of the charges as it was ruled that he was innocently using a nutritional supplement which had not specified that it had a ‘contaminant’ among its ingredients. According to Sky Sports, the forensic lead in the probe has recommended that he did not intentionally take a banned supplement.

Their report states that the expert has ruled: “[M]y expert view is that Mr. Whyte was the victim of a contaminated supplement that did not disclose [the contaminant] among its ingredients and he did not ingest the [contaminant] intentionally.”

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Now, the Brixton heavyweight has broken his silence as he revealed his torment after his reputation was brought into disrepute following the episode. He spoke to Sky Sports as he addressed how he has fared in the interim period, saying: “It’s been really tough, because I knew I was innocent, but then you can’t talk, you can’t say nothing.

“You have to be professional, trust the process, trust the lawyers and trust the people around you. It’s been tough, but tough times make tough men. First of all, I’m relieved more than anything, but of course I’m angry as well because it’s cost me so much.

“The most important thing is it cost me the chance to beat AJ. Everything else after that is secondary but you know it’s a mix of emotions,” he continued, as he admitted his professional disappointment. “I’m angry and I’m disappointed as well because people in this game don’t give you a chance to prove yourself. Everybody is quick to say, ‘Yeah, yeah, yeah,’ instead of giving people a chance.”

“I’m not going to lie, it was depressing and I was heartbroken, he continued. “When you know you’re innocent and it’s not some bull**** story. When you’re going through everything and spending loads of money and time, losing sleep and thinking about it constantly. What did I do? Where did I eat? Where did I go?

“I was in Portugal, America, I was in the UK, I was all over the place. I was in London for the press conference. I was trying to piece together everything and trying to break everything down and going over it, over and over again. It was like ‘Groundhog Day’ every day, going over it, over and over. Trying to piece things together and then everything was coming up blank.”

Whyte has confirmed that he will now be pursuing damages from the manufacturers of the supplement as he also admitted this process has forced him to keep silent about his name having been cleared. He added: “I’ve lost a lot of money and we’re seeking damages for all the money I’ve lost. Try to get some sort of redemption for my career. With litigation, you can’t really talk too much.”

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