Why tight jeans and the 4-5 should not mix

HAVE you ever tried to lock up an animal in a small and confined space?

If you have, then you will know how agitated and uncomfortable it will become within that space.

The same can be said about the 4-5 inside tight jeans.

While this fashionably might look slick, a recent study has shown that tight jeans are not good for the 4-5.

According to Street Directory, tight jeans are harmful to sperm production.

The publication reports that a study looked at 513 men who had a habit of wearing tight jeans. And, it revealed that many of them were facing the impotence problem.

Even the occurrence of STDs was found to be on the rise among these individuals.

Furthermore, tight jeans increase the temperature in the groin, which is not feasible for the testicles. In turn, they get destroyed, with new sperm production completely stopping.

This sperm count of the men who wore tight jeans was found to be reduced in comparison to that of those who wore normal trousers.

The ductility of the sperms was reduced, thus making the men more susceptible to impotence.

This in turn can cause erectile dysfunction because the 4-5 is always in the same position, causing the muscle to become rigid, which in turn blocks the arteries.

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