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Why pubic hair makes sex more pleasurable!

When discussing female grooming, shaving the punani always comes up and some women prefer to go au naturel than have a chiskop down there.

According to many medical professionals, pubic hair makes sex more enjoyable and this is because at the end of each hair follicle there is an existing a nerve ending.

These nerve endings are different from the other nerve endings whose purpose in maintaining pressure and temperature. When one hair is brushed, a little sensation is sent down the shaft of the nerve ending. The feelings are registered in the brain as a result of that light touch. If you shave completely, you will miss out on that stimulation.

It can be very enjoyable when your partner touches your pubic hair, or blows some warm air across it.

Pubic also eases friction during sexual intercourse. Pubic hair helps in reducing friction when parts of the body rub together, or rub against clothing.

Besides that, pubic hair also help with the following:

 – Pubic hair helps guard against STIs

– Natural protection from viruses and bacteria 

– Helps control moisture in the genital area

– Regulation of body temperature



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