Who is Francis Ngannou’s partner and is Anthony Joshua’s opponent married? | Boxing | Sport

Who is Francis Ngannou's partner and is Anthony Joshua's opponent married? | Boxing | Sport

Francis Ngannou, the rival of Anthony Joshua, keeps his private life quiet and seems to shy away from the spotlight. Lots of boxing fans from around the world will be watching as Ngannou tries to beat former heavyweight champ Joshua in Saudi Arabia.

But even though Ngannou did really well against Tyson Fury recently and more people now know about him, he’s quite a private person outside of his fights. Ngannou’s rise to success is truly impressive. Just over ten years ago, he was training in an MMA gym in Paris, and by 2021 he became the UFC heavyweight champion.

This journey is one of the most exciting sports stories of recent times. And it seems that “The Predator” – as he’s known isn’t happy with just being a champion in MMA; he wants to make his mark in boxing too.

In Riyadh last year, he almost achieved this goal when he shocked everyone by knocking down British boxer, “Gypsy King”, in the third round of their match. Unfortunately for Francis, he wasn’t able to keep the momentum going and Fury won the match on a points decision.

Despite this setback, the ex-UFC superstar’s reputation hasn’t been harmed at all by his first boxing match. If anything, it’s improved because the WBC gave him a No.10 spot afterwards. Now we just have to wait to see if this powerful boxer can surprise everyone by beating Anthony Joshua, who comes from the same country as Fury.

Ngannou, the famous fighter, is loved by his family who always support him. He once shared a story about how he spent £23,000 from fighting to buy a truck for his family’s business.

On Instagram, he said: “As a kid growing up in a sand mine, the biggest dream alive in that environment is to become a truck driver and better yet, a truck owner as they are on-top of the chain of command in a sand business.”

“I was happy to satisfy one of my childhood dreams. But what made me happiest – and I almost teared up – were those pictures with my mom in front of the truck smiling as her suffering was about to end for real… At that exact moment, even though I was out of money and my utilities couldn’t go through until my next paycheck from my fight in Albany, I felt like I made it.”

Is Francis Ngannou dating anyone?

Ngannou keeps his love life very private, and hasn’t gone public with any romantic relationship. He instead likes to keep himself to himself and seems to be solely focused on fighting.

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