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What type of breasts do men like?



If you love your meat, then you understand why some people prefer the breast part of a chicken.

This is the meatiest part of the chicken and is packed with health benefits.

According to experts, chicken breast is an excellent source of lean protein.

It’s also a good source of vitamins B and D, calcium, iron and zinc. It also has small amounts of vitamins A and C.

Maybe that’s the same reason men love women’s breasts.

Like chicken breasts, a woman’s breast is loaded with health benefits that come in different sizes and shapes.

While many sexologists agree that this part of her anatomy is the first thing that grabs his attention, the big question is: what type of breasts do the opposite sex prefer?

According to scientists from Prague’s Charles University, men actually prefer shapely, perkier breasts rather than bigger or smaller breasts.

To make sure they were certain, the researchers turned to 267 men from four different countries to prove their hypothesis.

A bunch of men from Brazil, Cameroon, the Czech Republic and Namibia were all shown two pictures of varying breast sizes.

All the men preferred the perkier and well-shaped breasts.

So ladies, those are the type of cups he’d prefer to drink from, if you catch my drift.

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5 ways how sex causes acne!



Imagine waking up one morning, after a night of good sex to find acne on your face.

Is there anything more annoying than this? And when this happens more often, doubts starts hovering your mind if sex is the reason behind these break outs.  

Now, people had and will always have doubts about sex. And does sex actually cause acne is one such doubt that has been lingering in people’s minds for long now.

Well the answer is sex does partially cause acne.  During sex, there is a certain production of sebum and bacteria that are also called as P. acne.  The presence of these together is what triggers the growth of acne. But this is not the only reason of acne.

 So what one needs to understand about sex and acne is that it is not intercourse that really leads to acne. It is the other parts of sex that actually causes one.  

You will no longer be left wondering as to where do these horrible looking acne come from.

We will give you reasons as to how sex contributes to acne. You will be surprised!

1. Facial Hair

Another reason why sex causes acne is because of facial hair. Confused? Well, if you have sex with a man who sports a heavy and long beard, chances are that his beard is rubbed all over your face.  This friction causes irritation and stimulates the production of oil on your face. Excess oil causes acne because the pores are blocked. So if your smooth face is rubbed against a hairy face, chances of you developing acne are high

2. Hair products that men and women use

Hair products are the other reason for post-coital acne. Experts say that during sex body parts gets rubbed against each other including hair. Now men and women who use hair products often should be particularly vary of is during sex.  Since people get a lot sweaty during sex, hair products get mixed up with the sweat which then reaches a person’s face. And this is how acne is developed. While hair products may be doing wonders for your hair, it definitely does badly to your skin especially with all that sweat.

3. If the sheets are dirt

If you are planning to have sex with a man who doesn’t believe in cleanliness, then you must think twice before you hit the sheets.  Make sure you check your date’s rooms before you decide on having sex. Now we say this because several studies suggest that if you find open chips bags, food crumbles or soiled clothes on your partner’s bed, then chances are that sex on the same bed will transfer a lot of bacteria.  Dirty bed sheets are the main reason why people often develop acne after sex.  The oil, dead skin cells and bacteria on the unwashed bed sheets might give you acne. So, either ensure that you keep your sheets or beds clean else just make your choices wisely. 

4. Sweat

Sex involves a lot of exertion and physical movement and thus it is only obvious that there will be a lot of sweat.  So when two bodies are pressed against each other that also involves a lot of friction it can lead to acne. The sweat, body oils and bacteria can be one of the causes. So the next time you have sex with your partner, you should immediately clean up after the act so that there is no left over sweat. This way you can save yourself from acne woes

5. Any kind of massage oils

Massage oils are usually good for sex. They give sufficient lubrication. But if you know that you already have a acne prone skin, then you should avoid using massage oils.  Your face, back and chest are the most sensitive areas and if you have applied oils in those areas and have noticed acne, you know the reason.  The skin already produces more oils and when you put additional oils, it will just make it worse.

These are some parts of sex that may give you acne. However, so far there has been no solid evidence of sex directly causing acne. If there has ever been a mentioning, it is said that the hormone called androgens that are usually produced during puberty may or may not cause acne. Apart from this, there is no other cause except for the ones that we suggested that can give you post-sex acne. Just be clean and practice healthy sex practices and you can avoid these sudden breakouts.

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5 ways to have sex when you are tired!



Couples often cite tiredness and work stress as two of the top most reasons for no sex. 

Not every couple has sex daily and in fact if both the partners are working and have tight work schedules, chances are that you return home quite late.

Often after a day’s never ending work and meeting deadlines, people just want to get back home and go off to sleep. Now what happens because of this is that there is hardly any sex happening.

But can you let this go on forever? Are you really okay living this sex-deprived life for long? Isn’t it time that you did something about that? If you have similar thoughts, then let us help you here. These tips will help you have a memorable sex session even when you are tired.

And trust us when we say, sex when you are tired isn’t a bad idea at all. These are the five ways how this problem can be solved.

1. Stick to just foreplay

If you are too tired and do not want to exert too much, you can always just stick to some intense foreplay. Foreplay doesn’t really require a lot of efforts. If after this, you feel aroused and want to take things forward, then you can do so. But it is always better to have some kind of sexual connection than have none at all.

2. Take a vacation

If there is no solution to your work stress and endless schedules, then it is always better to take some time off. You don’t want to put your relation in jeopardy. So take time off and set out for a vacation. This will help you relax and will let you bring back the spice in your life.

3. Different sex positions

Since there are so many sex positions, there is absolutely nothing that you need to worry about. If you feel dead tired, there are several sex positions that can be done without too much exertion.  The spooning position, tight squeeze and missionary are some positions that are perfect for sex when tired.

4. Redefine the meaning of sex in your relationship

Another easiest way that will help your sex life is to redefine sex. Sex doesn’t necessarily have to end with intercourse.  Like we mentioned above, you can have sex even without intercourse, like indulging in lots of foreplay.  Apart from foreplay, there are other ways as well like hot massages, long kisses or oral sex. Make sure this is a part of your life more often so that there are no dull sexual moments in your life.

5. Create opportunities for sex

At times, even when you feel too tired to even move a muscle, create opportunities for sex. For instance, plan a romantic dinner date, watch romantic movies or just lie down in the bed and indulge in some dirty talks. These small things go a long way in a relationship.

Apart from these, you need to ensure that you have a proper fitness regime. Regular exercises will keep you fit and stress will hardly get to you.  Fitness also plays a very important role in your sex life. If you have no form of exercise in your life, you will get tired easily. Thus, be fit and follow every tip mentioned above.  Once you do, there will never be a’ too tired for sex’ moment in your life.

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5 common habits that can be as dangerous as smoking



There is no doubt that smoking is dangerous. More than five million people die worldwide each year due to smoking.

Smoking as a habit is seen more common in youngsters these days.

These habits then become so addictive that for some people it is even carried to their death bed. But there are more habits that are as dangerous as smoking.

We often ignore these habits but they have the potential of causing us the same harm as smoking does

Here are five habits that are as dangerous as smoking:

  1. Loneliness: Research has proven that chronic loneliness can affect your overall health. Its impact is more significant on brain health. There are also studies that point out the connection between loneliness and developing diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer’s. In India, almost 22% of elders stay alone. While, in youngsters, chronic loneliness is ignored.
  2. Poor diet: We all know that eating healthy is necessary but not many of us practice that on daily basis. Many of us eat processed foods, junk foods, and foods rich in salt and sugars. Not just those, we often do not include vegetables and fruits in our diet. This habit forms the basis of a lot of diseases like obesity, diabetes, etc. In India, people consume more cereals and are devoid of an adequate amount of proteins, fruits, and vegetables. There is an increasing status of obesity among men and women, especially in urban areas.
  3. Inactive lifestyle: In the contemporary world, we all sit long hours in front of the screen. A study in 2014, by the University of Regensburg in Germany, showed that every 2 hours a person sit, s/he increasing the chances of colon cancer by 8% and chances of lung cancer by 6%. This was regardless of other physical activity during the day.
  4. Sleep deprivation: Sitting long hours before the screen aids in sleep deprivation as well. The blue light from the screen has been linked with problems like strained eyes, blurred vision, and even cataracts. Almost 33% of adults in the country suffer from insomnia and the bigger problem is that they find it normal.
  5. Pessimistic attitude: We all have heard of the phrase that does not let negative attitude ruin your life. But negative attitude and pessimism are now a widespread problem. Pessimism is when you think that things will go wrong or will not go according to your plans. This leads to depression and unwanted stress.

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