What makes the perfect 4-5?

The world is very much like one big catwalk where we all showcase our different talents and capabilities.

Like runway models, we all have different things to showcase to the world and at times, the world then turns to be the judge of everything we do.

An example of this is the conversation around what makes the perfect 4-5.

Much like life’s runway, men are often pitted against each other on the runway of manhood.

The size and potency of this phallic structure has often been used to define the perfect 4-5.

Scientists seem to have an answer to what makes the perfect 4-5.

According to Fatherly magazine, scientists attribute the perfect 4-5 to three key aspects:

1. Grooming

Groomed pubic hair goes a long way towards making a 4-5 look attractive. According to the publication, women perceive a well-groomed 4-5 to be well-trimmed in terms of its pubic hair and clean in overall appearance.

2. Circumcision

According to research, many women prefer a circumcised 4-5. Fatherly stated that this formed part of the overall appearance of the 4-5, which women were drawn to.

3. Its girth

According to neuroscientist Nicole Prause, who has studied what 4-5 size women prefer, there is some preference for proportionality in length and girth rather than extremes of either in isolation. According to Prause, women’s preference for a nice girth makes the most physiological sense because punanis are not very sensitive to heat or vibration, but have many mechanoreceptors that detect stretching and distinguish a large 4-5 from a narrower one.

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