Wada declares for 2nd term

Governor Idris Wada of Kogi State has finally agreed and declared his ambition to contest for second term after several months of speculation and persuasion by party members.

Governor Wada, who gave the hint yesterday in his acceptance speech to the party stakeholders and Elders Advisory Council endorsement, said he had garnered enough experience to tackle the problem of the state and promised to consolidate on his first term achievement if elected.

He said: “The words of our elders are words of wisdom, but I have come to appreciate in the last few weeks that before elders speak, they  must  have employed experience, patience, candour and courage.

’This latest gesture  from our leaders  has added to the weight of responsibility that I shoulder.   My pledge and response is to surpass your expectations, God helping me.

“It is indeed gratifying  that our noble party men, women and youths have provided  me  a good opportunity to run again,  so that we can  finish the race that we  all  started.

‘’The advantage in the philosophy  of continuity is that all these impactful projects highlighted above can add value to the lives of the people of our dear State if they are taken to a logical conclusion by our administration. The benefit is for everyone irrespective of  the political affiliation of any indigene of the state.

“Conversely, there is a great risk of losing invaluable investment of these projects if other people that are not part of the vision inherit them. No vision can be driven better than the visioner.”

Wada, who accepted the consensus endorsement by the stakeholders and Elders, described his first term as challenging, occasioned by litigations and a drastic decline in the resources accruing to the state

He, however, said the state made remarkable progress on all front.

“The last three  and a half years have taken  us  through  various seasons. We  have experienced and  survived a natural disaster that presented as flood, we have confronted and overcome legal challenges that presented as the assertion of rights.

‘’We  have walked through the valleys and mountains  of industrial  actions with their potential  threat and eventual triumph. In all  these, I am  now  better  experienced, better equipped and better empowered to steer the vision on course.

‘’I am better trained to pursue the mission of our party,  drive  our  transformation process  to  the  altitude and land on a safe and firm ground  that provides stability and sustainability for successive administrations and generations in our State.

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