Tyson Fury’s dad wants to ‘tear Carl Froch’s head off’ and put him out of a job | Boxing | Sport

Tyson Fury's dad wants to 'tear Carl Froch's head off' and put him out of a job | Boxing | Sport

Tyson Fury’s father John has threatened to kick Carl Froch ‘up the a***’, warning that his criticism of the Gypsy King ahead of next month’s undisputed showdown with Oleksandr Usyk has left him wanting to ‘tear’ the ex-champion’s head off. Fury will have the opportunity to become the first undisputed heavyweight champion since Lennox Lewis, but Usyk will be equally determined to claim the honours for himself.

Fury is widely recognised as one of the world’s top heavyweights but was recently questioned by Froch, who has gained a reputation as an outspoken pundit since retiring from boxing a decade ago. He took aim at Fury’s record, suggesting that past wins over Deontay Wilder and Wladimir Klitschko do not necessarily mean that he is good enough to beat Usyk.

“How good is Tyson Fury? What’s he ever done? Who’s he actually beaten? He obviously beat Klitschko in a bit of a stinker,” said Froch. “That was just an awkward, horrible performance in which he got inside Klitschko’s head and messed him up with that jab.

“After the Klitschko fight, Fury had those three big standout fights with Deontay Wilder. But how good is Deontay Wilder now? He looked awful against Joseph Parker, so now you start questioning him. Is Tyson Fury actually what we thought he was or has he been flattered by the lack of opposition? We don’t know, but we’ll find out when he fights Usyk.”

Froch’s comments were put to John Fury during an interview with Boxing Social, leaving the 59-year-old furious as he branded the Cobra a ‘first-class s***house’ and claimed he should not be allowed to comment on boxing champions like his son.

“That just tells me what kind of a man Carl Froch is, a frigging s***house,” snapped Fury. “He knows better than that. At the end of the day, they’ve got to discredit Tyson to make them look better. Yes, Deontay Wilder was shot to pieces [against Parker], it’s only because of the hiding Tyson gave him.

“How can he say that Klitscho was a stinker when nobody else had beaten him in 10 or 11 years? They don’t know what they’re talking about, these people. They should not even be commenting on champions of the world. He’s been a champion of the world but I’ll tell you what, he’s not a champion of the world man is he?

“He’s a first-class s***house, wants a kick up the a***, and they’ll get it off me. Men meet before mountains. Men who talk s*** like that get under my skin, just because they want a few more viewing figures to a station. He should kiss Tyson’s boots, that bum.”

Asked why he believes Tyson is often criticised by pundits in the media, John replied: “Because they’re jealous, because they are nobody. They’re just irrelevant people now. In boxing, people are only interested in current champions, men who are doing stuff today. Nobody wants to know about a has-been and that’s all these people are, has-beens.

“That’s why when you see the Furys out of boxing you’ll never see us again, because we don’t hang around as has-beens. That’s it. When we’re out, we’re gone, but these men clinging onto a job because they can’t let go because they’re unfulfilled, aren’t they? But in my eyes, I don’t even look at him anymore.

“He’s a bum, isn’t he? I’ll tell him to his face. You’re a bum, Carl Froch, and keep my son’s name out your mouth because you ain’t good enough to kiss his f****** a****. Don’t keep mentioning these has-beens and nondescripts around me because I don’t want to talk about them. They get me vexed and I want to tear their heads off.”

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