Tyson Fury’s dad shuts down Paris Fury frying pan conspiracy theory | Boxing | Sport

Tyson Fury's dad shuts down Paris Fury frying pan conspiracy theory | Boxing | Sport

Tyson Fury’s father John slammed claims that the WBC champion’s wife Paris caused the eye injury that forced the bout with Oleksandr Usyk to be moved. Fury was scheduled to meet Usyk in a blockbuster clash to determine the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world.

Just weeks before the eagerly-anticipated bout, the fight was suspended after it emerged Fury had sustained a deep gash to his eye. Usyk’s manager Egis Klimas swiftly labelled the 35-year-old a ‘coward’ while suggesting Paris had struck Fury with a frying pan to cause the injury. 

Fury has already dismissed the claims, insisting the speculation is not true. Now the Gypsy King’s charismatic father John described the rumours regarding the injury as ‘absolute rubbish’. 

“I’m surprised that men of their experience at the top level, being around top fighters can even talk like that,” John told Free Bets. “It’s absolute rubbish, it’s silly and they are just making themselves look stupid. They’re embarrassing themselves with those kinds of accusations. 

“They’re worried, they’ve always been worried. When they’ve seen the shape Tyson’s in, they’ve thought, ‘hang on, we’ve dropped a clanger here’. They thought they’d see a Tyson who hasn’t trained. But you know what, that’s where you can get caught out, thinking you know too much.

“Usyk said he can’t fight in April because it interferes with his training schedule. What does that mean? His team make themselves look stupid. They were frightened, they were afraid, they knew their man was going to get smashed to bits. I saw the shape Tyson was in. He was in for it, Usyk.

“All those people cheering Usyk on, thinking he’s going to do the job, let me tell you, he can’t do the job. Tyson’s tunnel visioned and as Fury’s we thrive off the hate. All those who think that a little blown-up middle weight is doing the business, forget about it. I’ll be lucky to see Usyk be fighting in May. Tyson will be ready. Can Usyk be ready? Saying Tyson’s wife hit him with a frying pan… what an idiot.”

He added: “Accusations and bulls***, the sparring partner has said what’s happened, why don’t they just let them get on with it. Accidents happen. Talking rubbish is not going to change anything, so shut it, keep it buttoned, and let them fight on the 18th of May. Then it’ll be decided.”

While John is yet to see his son since Fury flew back to the UK, he is confident after hearing positive things emanating from his training camp. John revealed he was feeling ‘sick’ as the cut led to the fight getting suspended while Fury was in good shape.

“He looks well, doesn’t he?” John declared. “I was very sick about the cut because when I saw the shape he was in, he must have dedicated himself and that pleases me immensely. I’ve always said 70 per cent of Tyson is too much for Usyk, but we look like we’re getting more than 70 per cent there.

“He looks the best shape he’s been in, since he won the title. I was impressed, they’ve done the work, so good luck to them, he looked in good shape for the time he had to as well, which was short notice. Incredible.”

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