Tyson Fury slammed for controversial Mike Tyson vs Jake Paul comments | Boxing | Sport

Tyson Fury slammed for controversial Mike Tyson vs Jake Paul comments | Boxing | Sport

After Tyson Fury supported Jake Paul’s decision to fight Mike Tyson, the WBC heavyweight champion was heavily criticised by former boxer Carl Froch. The announcement regarding the social media megastar competing against the former world heavyweight champion more than 30 years his senior has proved controversial.

Many have expressed their displeasure with the scheduled Netflix bout, but ‘The Gypsy King’ is looking forward to the contest. This left a bad taste in the mouth of Froch, who was disappointed to hear Fury tell The Stomping Ground that Paul’s fight against Tyson is “fantastic for boxing”.

During a conversation with InstantCasions, Froch issued a strong response to Fury. “No, it’s not good for boxing,” the 46-year-old began. “For Tyson Fury to say that it’s good for boxing… he needs to look in the mirror, have a look at what he’s done.

“Have a look at what professional fighters do and what they go through, and then think to himself, this is Jake Paul, a performing clown jumping in there with a 57-year-old man, who is a legend and an icon in professional boxing.”

In 2023 Paul and Froch exchanged some verbal jibes as the YouTuber called the Englishman “desperate”, while the former super-middleweight world champion said he would send Paul “into f***ing orbit” if they ever fought.

There is no love lost between Froch and Paul and the former once again expressed the desire to teach the 27-year-old a lesson. “He’s an absolute f****** idiot for fighting Mike Tyson,” the Nottingham native added. “It’s wrong. It should be stopped.

“Listen, I hope Tyson goes in there for 30 seconds, unleashes hell on Jake Paul, flattens him and does boxing proud. Jake Paul’s been dead disrespectful as well in his build up. He’s been biting ears off and trying to mimic Mike Tyson and copy him.

“I just don’t find it funny. If he had any bollocks about him, he’d fight me, wouldn’t he? I’d love to punch his teeth down the back of his throat.”

Paul and Tyson are training for their bout which is due to take place on July 20 at Texas’ AT&T Stadium. ‘Iron Mike’ released some training videos in which he still possesses plenty of speed and precision.

He seemed pretty confident ahead of the bout as he told Paul in one of his training videos: “Do you still wanna f*** with me?” But some still have their concerns about the fight, as Tony Bellew claimed the bout should be scripted to protect the boxing legend. “I am worried about it personally but listen, you don’t know what’s been agreed between the two,” he told Spinbet.

“It’s frightening that Mike Tyson is going back into a boxing ring against somebody who is more than 30 years older than him. It’s just a bit nuts. I’m hoping that the fight is a bit of a circus and a bit scripted because I wouldn’t want to see Mike get hurt in any way shape or form. Let’s see what happens. He is going to be getting paid an awful lot of money and nobody has the right to stop him from doing that.”

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