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Tunisia rejects EU’s millions of Euros in financial aid

Tunisia has rejected millions of euros in financial aid announced by the European Union Commission to help the country fight irregular migration and stabilise its budget.

“Tunisia and its people do not seek sympathy, but rather reject it if it lacks respect,’’ Tunisian News Agency (TAP) quoted President Kais Saied as saying, at a meeting with Foreign Minister Nabil Ammar on Monday evening.

According to a press release from the president’s office, Saied expressed Tunisia’s rejection of an announcement made by the European Union in recent days, the News Agency of Nigeria reports.

“This is not because of the small amount offered, as the treasures of the world are not equal to a single grain of our sovereignty in the eyes of our people, but because this proposal contradicted the MoU signed in Tunisia and the spirit that prevailed during the Rome Conference in July 2022, which was initiated by Tunisia and Italy,” Saied said.

The EU Commission announced a week ago that it would pay Tunisia around 127 million euros (134 million dollars) to reduce migration across the country and stimulate the weakening economy.




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