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Top ten richest women in Africa



Women in Africa have come a long way. This is the list of the top 10 richest African women:

10. Elisabeth Bradley, Net Worth $32 Million


In 1961, Albert Wessels, Eslisabeth’s father, made history by being the first person to bring the Toyota brand to South Africa. Her massive wealth comes from assets and investments. She was the chairperson of Wesco Investments and is currently the vice-chairperson of Toyota South Africa.

9. Sharon Wapnick, Net Worth $43.1 Million


Daughter of billionaire Alec Wapnick, Sharon Wapnick is the CEO of Premium Properties Limited and OCTODEC Investments, which were both passed onto her by her late father. Her net worth is estimated at R433 million.

8. Bridget Radebe, Net Worth $100 Million

Bridgette Radebe

Sister of billionaire Patrice Motsepe, Bridgette Radebe is currently the President of the South African Mining Development Association. She is also the founder of her own mining firm, Mmaku Mining and is a member of the New Africa Mining Fund. She is worth over R1 billion.

7. Irene Charnley, Net Worth $150 Million


Irene Chamley formerly worked for the MTN Group as an executive director, which is Africa’s largest telecommunication company. She is the founder and CEO of Smile Communications in Mauritius and her net worth is estimated at R1.5 billion.

6. Wendy Ackerman, Net Worth $190.2 Million

Wendy Ackerman

Wendy Ackerman is the non-executive director of Africa’s biggest grocery chain outlet, Pick n Pay, which she co-owns with her husband, Raymond. Her net worth is estimated at R1.9 billion.

5. Wendy Appelbaum, Net Worth $259.3 Million


Wendy Appelbaum is one of the richest women in South Africa, following the passing of her billionaire father, Donald Gordon. She inherited her father’s insurance and real estate company, Liberty Investors and currently owns DeMorgenzo wine estate in Stellenbosch. She is worth R2.6 billion.

4. Ngina Kenyatta, Net Worth $500 Million


Mama Ngina Kenyatta was the former First Lady of Kenya and mother of current Kenyan president, Uhuru Kenyatta. Mama Ngina is worth $500 million (R4.1 billion), mainly thanks to real estate, education, banking and farming.

3. Hajia Bola Shagaya, Net Worth $600 Million


Hajia Bola Shagaya has been managing director of Practoil Limited, which is one of the largest importers and distributors of oil in Nigeria. According to her official site, she has also been on the board of Unity Bank Pic for over eight years and is worth $600 million (R8.2 billion).

2. Folorunso Alakija, Net Worth $600 Million 


Folorunsho Alakija owns an oil company called Famfa Oil Limited. The 62-year-old is also an accomplished fashion designer and launched an upscale fashion line, Supreme Stitches for Nigeria’s elite. According to Forbes, her net worth is estimated at $1.71 billion (R23.5 billion).

1. Isabel Dos Santos, Net Worth $1 Billion

Isabel dos Santos

Isabel dos Santos is the richest female and first female billionaire in Africa. She is the daughter of Angolan President José Eduardo dos Santos and is a business investor with holdings in Portugal, Amsterdam and Angola. According to Forbes, her net worth is estimated at $3 billion (R41.4 billion).


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Traditional court fines Robert Mugabe’s widow Grace five cows and two goats for ‘improperly’ burying her husband



The widow of former Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe has reportedly been fined five cows and two goats for ‘improperly’ burying her husband after he passed away.

A traditional court met on Thursday morning in the absence of Grace Mugabe, to reach their decision, a source close to the family said.

The former first lady, known as Gucci Grace because of her lavish spending lifestyle, is accused of burying her husband, who died in 2019 at the age of 95, in the courtyard of his home in Kutama.

Chief Zvimba, born Stanley Mhondoro, said Mugabe was supposed to be buried in a place chosen by his mother or immediate family. He then called for the body to be exhumed and reburied according to custom.

At the time of Mugabe’s death, there was a dispute between Grace Mugabe and President Emmerson Mnangagwa over where Robert should be buried.

Mnangagwa wanted Mugabe to be interred in the National Heroes Acre burial ground and national monument near Harare. While Grace wanted her husband to be buried in his hometown, away from the capital city.

Robert Mugabe, who ruled Zimbabwe for 37 years had a strong grudge against his former vice president Mnangagwa, who was placed in charge of the country after Mugabe was forced to resign in November 2017.

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I was number one in class: Eight lies parents told you when you were a kid



Being a parent is a tough, but enjoyable lifetime experience. A mother will always be quick to throw in a creative, well-placed lie to either keep a child in check or avoid a question she would rather not answer – questions like where do babies come from or why is Uncle Ben’s tummy so big, could he be pregnant? Mothers are brilliant at deception. That’s why they can easily manage children.

Here are 8 lies parents, over the decades, have dished out to their children:

  1. Cartoons sleep at night

Kids love cartoons. Sometimes, getting them to sleep at night is impossible when a favourite a cartoon programme is on. So, a mother tells them that cartoons characters also sleep.

  1. The chicken wants to be eaten

Lying to a child could be necessary if the little one is to feast on meat. So, a mother would say that chickens always want to be eaten as it gives them joy to be chosen as food. So, toto, here’s some chicken wings, go ahead make the kuku happy! That prevents kids from breaking down into tears if they really liked the kuku when it was alive! To make them eat cabbages, a mother would say without batting an eyelid that, “Eat the mboga my son, when it gets to the stomach, it will turn into meat!”

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  1. You have 10,000 words a month

You have only 10,000 words to use per month is the perfect ‘weapon’ to silence talkative kids who yap beyond their “monthly quota,’ especially kama kuna wageni (if there are visitors) to whom they might reveal the family secret with an embarrassing question like, “Mummy mbona daddy ali kuchapa jana?”

  1. Kids are bought from supermarkets

Kids always ask where their week-old sibling has come from: God, soko, tumepewa na aunt Julia and the supermarket are good answers to shut them up.

  1. Kissing will give you worms

This only works for a couple of years until the little brats grow into teenagers and discover that doing with the lips what the hands do has its pleasures.

  1. Mum and dad play at night

Mum, who really had a helluva hell of a time last night, would explain to the inquisitive toto that, “Those funny noises you heard coming from our bedroom last night were just mummy and daddy playing.” And in a way she might not be lying. Really!

  1. I was number one in class

All parents used to perform extremely well in school. They will then add, “Sijui hii number last yako umetoka nayo wapi, hii sio damu yetu!”

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She wants to sleep with you if she says any of these



A man who’ll never be invited to the world of secret love making is the drunkard. If you regularly get drunk then trash talk people, male or female, forget about being called to the side and offered secret love making because you my friend is a risky investment, sounds funny right? But it’s true.

On the other hand, If you’re sober and women

consider you a potential Secret Lover; they will drop you hints.

Everytime you hear women say the following just know its a compliment and they see you as a prospective cheat partner.

“You’re so quiet” or “why are you so quiet?”
“You don’t have many friends do you?”(of which you agree with “I do my things alone”, or “I don’t want people judging me” if she asks why you’ll be judged tell her you sometimes do crazy things)
“You look like a good guy” (of which you should disagree with “if only you knew”, or something like that)
If you seduce a committed woman or just any taken woman, she’ll tell you “It’s wrong”. Your job is not to convince her it’s not wrong. Yours is to convince her NO ONE WILL FIND OUT. To women, to be good = to appear good. Women are creatures of appearance.

How people perceive a woman is how she perceives herself. If she can do the most debased stuff and people still think she’s pure then she’s pure. You capitalize on her nature by always saying “No one has to know”.

It may appear to cheesy, but Always repeat such slogans like “A gentleman never kiss and tells” and “Stolen sweets are best” etc.

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