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Study: Big nose means big 4-5!

In support of the ‘big nose, big hose’ theory, a scientific study has found that men with larger noses do indeed have longer penises.

Research found men with the biggest noses have a ‘stretched penile length’ of at least 5.3 inches (13.42cm).

However, those with less prominent sniffers have a sex organ which measures just 4.1inches (10.37cm) when fully erect.

‘The fact that nose size is related to stretched penile length indicates that penile length may not be determined by age, height or body weight but has already been determined before birth,’ the researchers say.

Japanese researchers studied the corpses of 126 middle-aged men within three days of their death.

A host of measurements documented their height, weight, flaccid penile length, penile circumference, right and left testicular weights, and prostate weight.

A scientist was also tasked with laying each cadaver down and pulling the penis up vertically as far as it would go to get a measurement for stretched penile length.

This, researchers say, is an accurate way of replicating a penis’ length when erect.

Nose size was also documented by measuring the distance from between a person’s eyes to where the nostril starts near the tip of the olfactory organ.



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