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Steamy sex positions to try tonight



There are lots of different sex positions that you can try out with your partner. The more of these positions you know about, the easier it will be to maintain a spicy and exciting sex life. In this article we will detail some of the hottest and steamiest positions for you to try out tonight in the bedroom.

The Arch
The Arch is one of the sexist positions there is. The man stays upright so the woman can thrust her body into him. It starts out in the traditional missionary position, but the woman raises her hips, shifting her weight to her feet. The man must keep his pelvis in contact with the woman’s. This position can make for some really hot sex, but it’s also an incredible workout for the women’s glutes and core muscles. Remember to place a pillow under her head to minimize neck strain.

The Deckchair position is a great one to try out if you want to shake up your sex life. The woman should lie down on the bed, bending her knees to meet her breasts. The man leans over the woman with his back totally straight.

The woman’s feet should be nearly level with the man’s shoulders. If you are really feeling adventurous, you can try spreading your knees wide and tightly grasping his hands. Arch your back just a little bit and enjoy the amazing feeling of having your g-spot stimulated. If you want to penetrate deeper in her, you should raise her legs up as high as possible.

Twist and Shout
This position will require you to first lie down on your back. Put out one of your legs straight with the other one bent slightly. The woman should straddle one of the man’s legs. She will be able to glide up and down on the man’s penis with full control over the intensity and speed.

Doggy Angle
Doggy style is a classic position that a lot of people love, but this will put a very fun twist on it. One of the best things about this position is that you don’t have to be super flexible to pull it off.

The woman should lie lay down with her butt in the air to start out. Your legs should be nearly pressing up against hers. Put a pillow under her stomach for maximum support. If you want to step up the intensity, you can try resting your hands on her back, providing you with more leverage to thrust into her.

Double Decker
The Double Decker position is a great one to try when you are going right from her riding you. Begin in the reverse cowgirl position. The women will lean back onto her elbows with her arms and chest giving a majority of the support. Wrap your arms around her waist so you can stay in control over how hard and fast you thrust.

Twisted Spoon
The Twisted Spoon position requires a little bit of flexibility, but it’s definitely worth it for those who can pull it off. The significant increase in physical tension can heighten the arousal for both people.

In this position both the man and the woman are lying on their sides, but with the man behind the woman. The woman should lifting up one leg in the air, holding onto the ankle as you thrust into her from behind. If you really want to drive her crazy, you can play with her nipples while you thrust.

The Pancake
This position will require the man to start with his torso positioned vertically with her legs on his shoulders. Go down towards her slowly until you are pretty much flat against each other. It is definitely one of the more intimate positions because of how close you are to each other. The man is in control for the most part with this one. The more pressure you put on her muscles, the tighter she will feel. The woman needs to be pretty flexible in order to pull this one off. It is definitely worth a few attempts if necessary.

Swivel and Grind
The Swivel and Grind position involves the man being on top of the woman with her ankles above his head. The man rotates his hips to grind inside of her, performing subtle twisting positions. This is one of the best positions for the woman because of how amazing it can feel. The closer your shoulders are to your partner’s, the more intimate this position will be. This is a great choice for when you are feeling particularly romantic. You might want to prop her hips up by using a pillow. This will help you achieve the ideal angle for this particular sex position.

Backdoor Planking
Backdoor planking is a great position for many reasons, including the fact that it will help you hit her g-spot. For this position, the woman lies on her stomach with her legs together while the man penetrates her from behind. The woman does a significant amount of the work, but both people have control. Because her legs are so close together, she will likely feel even tighter than normal. This is an excellent position that will give both people a whole lot of pleasure.

Kneel Together
If you want to put a little bit of a spin on the doggy style position, this is a great one to try. The man penetrates the woman from behind, but both people straighten their torsos. This means that while you are both on your knees, your upper bodies are angled upwards. This can make it easier to stimulate her clitoris while you are inside her.

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What type of breasts do men like?



If you love your meat, then you understand why some people prefer the breast part of a chicken.

This is the meatiest part of the chicken and is packed with health benefits.

According to experts, chicken breast is an excellent source of lean protein.

It’s also a good source of vitamins B and D, calcium, iron and zinc. It also has small amounts of vitamins A and C.

Maybe that’s the same reason men love women’s breasts.

Like chicken breasts, a woman’s breast is loaded with health benefits that come in different sizes and shapes.

While many sexologists agree that this part of her anatomy is the first thing that grabs his attention, the big question is: what type of breasts do the opposite sex prefer?

According to scientists from Prague’s Charles University, men actually prefer shapely, perkier breasts rather than bigger or smaller breasts.

To make sure they were certain, the researchers turned to 267 men from four different countries to prove their hypothesis.

A bunch of men from Brazil, Cameroon, the Czech Republic and Namibia were all shown two pictures of varying breast sizes.

All the men preferred the perkier and well-shaped breasts.

So ladies, those are the type of cups he’d prefer to drink from, if you catch my drift.

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5 simple ways to tighten your vagina!



The first few years of marriage are usually the most blissful.  Lots of romance, romantic dates and also lots of sex is what your initial years of marriage or for that matter, relationship looks like. 

Your man will do anything possible to give you happiness.  But the happiness won’t last long if you do not take care of your health, especially your sexual health. 

Initially sex is fun, smooth and full of pleasure. But if the sex happens too much after a point of time, a woman’s vagina starts becoming loose. Vaginal looseness is a common problem among several women. While some just ignore this, others desperately look for solutions to this problem. 

Women with vaginal looseness often also struggle with low confidence and self esteem.  Two of the other major reasons behind this problem are also pregnancy and childbirth.

For those women who have been struggling with this problem, there is absolutely no reason to worry. If pregnancy, delivery or anything else has made your vagina loose, there are several ways that will help you tighten your vagina.  We have listed down several tips that will help you tighten your vagina naturally.

1. Following a proper and strict diet:

The first and foremost thing to tighten your vagina is tighten follow a proper and good diet. If you change your food habits, that will make a huge difference to your overall health.  Your pelvic floor will become stronger with a strict diet.  

You need to have foods that have estrogens in them like pomegranates, soybeans, carrots, apples, berries and so on.  Your inner muscles will go a long way if you improve your diet. First improve your inner health, only then the outer health will get better.

2. Kegel exercises:

Kegel exercises are one of the most popular ways of tightening your vagina. This is also one of the most recommended ways.  These exercises have also proven to be a lot helpful to women who have been facing this problem.  

The clench and release exercise is what constitutes the Kegel exercise. The pelvic floor muscles become stronger because of this and thus help in tightening your vagina. To do this exercise, the first thing that you need to do is find your pelvic muscles.

While urinating, stop mid way and try feeling your muscles. Once you have found it, you can tighten them by contracting for just about five seconds. Contract for five seconds and then relax for another five. Continue this procedure as often as possible.

3. Squat exercise:

Squatting exercise has proved to be fruitful for people looking for a toned lower body. Squat has also always been a part of gym routines.

But not many may be aware that squats are also good for vagina tightening.  For those who have not been introduced to this exercise, squat can be done simply. You just need to stand with your legs spread and you have to go down like you are sitting on a bench. Go up, stand for some time and then again sit down.

While doing so, also ensure that you push your hip outwards.  You can improve your vaginal muscles by squatting.  So with one form of exercise, you will have two benefits. One is tightening vaginal muscles and the second is a toned body.

4. Pelvic stretch:

Like the name suggests, this one is specifically done only to strengthen the pelvic muscles. It is pretty easy to do the pelvic stretch. You need to sit on the edge of a chair and spread your legs. Keep your hands on your knees and point your elbows outside. Bend towards your ankles and spread your arms. You need to fold your pelvis area inside.  This exercise is one of the most effective ways of strengthening vaginal muscles and tightening your vagina.

5. Yoga:

Now who doesn’t know about Yoga, nobody right!  Yoga has been proven to be one of the most effective ways for a good mental and physical health. Practice yoga on a regular basis and that will help you tighten your vaginal muscles. Yoga has several pelvic floor exercises like the Bridge Pose that are excellent for tightening pelvic muscles. Deep breathing will also help a great deal.  You can do these several times a day to get a tighter vagina within a short period of time.

Apart from all the exercises what we mentioned above, you also get several gels that will help you. But you need to get these gels only after consulting a doctor. Do not apply or use nay medicines without being prescribed.  Also, all these tips that we have listed needs to be a part of your routine every single day only then can you expected goo results.  Do these exercises daily at least for 15 minutes and see how your problems are solved. You too can now enjoy a healthy sex life just like you did back then.

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Kissing mistakes you’re making



A kiss is the gentlest yet fiercest form of love to exist. The simple touch can ignite the passion and make you want more. Kissing your true love can even make you the happiest!

While we all want to impress our partners by being the best kisser, we all tend to make a few mistakes while kissing that can leave a bad impression on our lover or crush.

To help you in this situation, here are some common mistakes you’re making while stealing that kiss.

Bad breath

A big NO. This is the worst thing that can happen when kissing someone. You certainly do not want to lock lips with someone who’s had onion rings a while ago! It’s always a good option to carry pocket mints and pop them into your mouth whenever necessary.

Tongue action

Too much tongue or no tongue at all is a common mistake everyone makes when opting to go all French mode. Having too much tongue come at you can be extremely uncomfortable and no tongue just seems to take out the fun.

No hands show

Kissing without hands on your partner’s face or body isn’t sensual at all. It’s just plain kissing. Attempting to kiss without the hands is no victory. Instead, move your hands around a little bit, only after you match your partner’s vibe.

Lip biting

Nobody wants to kiss a vampire. A little biting on the lips is sexy but chomping on the lips will probably make your partner run away from the scene. Remember, slow and sensual, little bites will earn you brownie points.

Eyes wide open!

Keeping your eyes open while your partner is kissing you is downright creepy. Eyes closed while kissing is the dreamy way everyone wants. Close your eyes and feel the sensuality of it all.

Chapped lips

Imagine kissing dry, chapped lips; the horror! If you want to keep your lips soft, luscious, and kissable, have a lip balm always in hand. It shows how invested you are to kiss them properly.

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