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Singer French Montana donates 500 canoes to Makoko community in Lagos

Grammy-nominated recording artiste French Montana has made a significant charitable gesture by donating 500 canoes to the impoverished community of Makoko in Yaba, Lagos Mainland.

This generous donation is a direct result of the location choice for his latest music video, “Wish U Well,” which was released last Friday.

Montana‘s decision to employ local craftsmen in crafting these canoes not only provides essential tools for transportation but also injects support into the local economy and helps improve the community members’ livelihoods.

This initiative aligns with Montana’s ongoing commitment to giving back to communities in need, as he has deeply connected with the people, culture, and needs of the areas he works with.

Six years ago, during the filming of the music video for his hit song “Unforgettable” in Uganda, French Montana initiated a project to build the Suubi Health Center in collaboration with the local community.

This endeavor, supported by financial contributions from Montana and others, brought essential maternal healthcare to numerous underserved mothers, women, and children across 55 remote villages, in partnership with Global Citizen and Mama Hope. French Montana’s dedication to global humanitarian efforts and advocacy continues to make a positive impact on communities lacking proper funding and resources.
Montana’s impact resonates profoundly as he collaborates with Swae Lee, gamma., and SALXCO to donate 500 wooden canoe boats to a community of 200,000 people who are endangered by critical flooding threats on a regular basis.
Makoko, a suburb in Lagos, Nigeria, was once a vibrant “fishermen’s village” with homes built on stilts along the Lagos Lagoon, but now the community faces significant challenges due to pollution and sewage drainage complications.
The lack of adequate sanitation systems adds to the challenging situation, but amidst these hardships, innovative projects are emerging to revitalize the community and strengthen its ability to cope with the impacts of climate change.
To ensure the success of this initiative, the partners have outlined a clear plan with Montana at the helm: The large financial contribution for the project will fund the production of the 500 boats.
With a production rate of approximately 6 boats per week, per contractor, the delivery of all 500 boats is projected to conclude within four months, by December, just in time for Christmas.
“I witnessed firsthand how water is both a lifeline and an obstacle in Makoko. These boats are essential tools transporting the residents of Makoko and goods and services,” As an immigrant from Morocco, giving back to communities in Africa, the place that raised me is so important. When I was filming, I met local leaders who talked about the daily struggles and aspirations of the wider community. I was moved by their spirit and positivity, which inspired me to get involved and to help impact change.” Earlier this summer, Montana announced a partnership with “gamma.”, a multimedia platform that prioritizes artists, offering a range of creative and business services spanning various artistic and commercial mediums. In conjunction with the partnership came the release of Montana’s latest single and video for “Good Summer“, which blends the timeless allure of Wayne Wonder’s iconic hit “No Letting Go” with the irresistible groove of Nuskie’s “New Orleans Bounce”, said Montana.



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