Sex positions that wont do it for her!

Some sex positions can really feel like you’re drawing blood off a stone. 

Similar to watching the grass grow, some positions are either boring or leave much to be desired. 

While new research has found that more women are having sex regularly, it seems most of them are not being satisfied between the sheets.  

According to Psychology Today, TV show Today conducted a poll to see how women felt about their physical, financial, mental and sexual health. 

About 46% reported not being sexually satisfied, and experts agree that part of the reason is the type of sex they engage in. 

While admittedly some sex positions allow for a woman to have multiple orgasms, others just don’t satisfy them.

According to Men’s Health magazine, a survey of over 1 200 Women’s Health readers shared their least favourite positions. 

These below were the worst sex positions to be performed by women:

1. Doggy Style

According to sex expert and author Sara Gottfried, this is probably the most painful sex position. The issue may be the ramming of the cervix, which is why deep penetration is often more harmful than hot. 

2. Woman On Top

According to the survey, a majority of women feel more self-conscious when they’re on top. Therefore, sexologists agree this position requires someone with great self-esteem. 

3. Reverse Cowgirl 

According to sex expert and author Jennifer Landa, reverse cowgirl may seem sexy and adventurous. But when you actually try to enter her, things might not fit the way you think they should. This position often relies on how curved the 4-5 is. 

4. Missionary 

Many sex experts agree that this is heavily reliant on how big the 4-5 is because it’s one of those positions that greatly exposes the punani. According to Landa, missionary heavily relies on the 4-5 for stimulation. And if the stimulation is not strong enough, things can go south very quickly.

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