See a hotel in Japan run by robots


The ATM, the self-service kiosks at the airport, the Siri: You may not have known it, but it’s all been leading up to this…a futuristic hotel that’s entirely run by robots.

The Henn-na Hotel recently opened in Nagasaki, Japan features robot attendants, from the reception to room service, and virtually every operation is automated. You may not get to see any human staff, except other guests.

Your receptionist might be an English-speaking dinosaur robot. It might also be a female-human-looking robot. Or something more akin to a Star Wars droid. If you’re staying in the A wing, porter robots will take your bags. If you need your luggage stored, a gigantic machine arm will stow it in a cloakroom.

Your face is your room key.

They use a facial-recognition system, so you won’t have to remember to bring a key anywhere. From the hotel’s sole eatery: a café with an outdoor terrace and a vending machine. Basically, you won’t interact with human staff unless it’s an emergency.

It’s on the site of a Netherlands-themed amusement park, which is filled with 19th-century Dutch windmills.

To reduce electricity usage, guest rooms do not have refrigerators, and guests can watch television on a tablet device, which are provided depending on the room type.

Thanks to a motion sensor, lighting turns off automatically when no one is in the room.
Lighting settings can also be controlled using a tablet device.


All rooms feature a “radiant panel” air conditioning system. This system uses electromagnetic waves to transfer heat directly from one object to another without affecting the air in between.

When it is hot out, this radiating-type heating/cooling system draws heat away from your body to make you feel cool.

When it is cold out, it makes you feel warm by keeping heat from escaping your body. It also creates a lower temperature differential than conventional heating/cooling systems and is less affected by air currents.

Guests are encouraged to enjoy conversing with these robots, who are described as warm and friendly, as they go about their work.

The hotel uses a facial recognition system for keyless stays, but If you prefer, you can also stay using a contactless IC key card.

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