Security operatives going after fake degree holders should start with Tinubu – Nigerians tackle Education Minister

As the controversy over fake certificates from Benin Republic universities continues to reverberate following an investigative report, Nigerians on X (formerly Twitter) have asked the Minister of Education, Prof. Tahir Mamman, to start his action against fake certificate holders with President Bola Tinubu.

On Wednesday ,  the Minister said that security agencies would go after Nigerians with fake certificates from foreign countries whom he described as criminals.

Mamman, who disclosed this while featuring on Channels Television’s programme, had noted that there was no timeframe for criminality, saying the time of the crime would not matter.

Regarding people currently in the system who used fake foreign certificates to secure their position, Mamman said, “If along the line, we can trace that there are people already in the system.

“For instance, if a particular institution or operator has been operating, say in the last 10 years, we will check if we can get records of Nigerians who attended that institution. Once we do that, they are criminals and you know there is no timeframe for criminality. We will trace them.

“As long as we can lay our hands on their institutions and they are right here with us, certainly, the security agencies will go after them because they are criminals.”

Reacting to the minister’s proposed action of security agencies going after fake certificate holders, @brotherbarth in a post on X said that “The Tinubu’s Minister of Education lacks moral ground to go after Nigerians with fake university Certificates, because Tinubu, his boss, submitted fake University Certificate to INEC.”

Also, @collinek47 said, “Let him start from dere then we know he’s doing he’s job well. Abi”

Another tweep, @ajaGunSEgun said, “First and foremost, you have to go after President Tinubu, who lied about attending Saint Paul School, Aroleya, Government colleges in Ibadan and Chicago State University first before you guys begin to go after others certificate forgers like Mr President.”

Also, @iam_wilson said, “Begin with Bola Tinubu,” to which @ElochukwuP said, “Yes let it stand (start) from the head,” and @dekezman01 said “Arrest Tinubu first,” while @benson_magbo said “Begin with your president! He’s a certificate forger!”

@moslimfit said “Ask Tinubu first if this is right,” and @nalado80 asked “What about BOLA AHMED Tunubu Chicago Result SAGA??? while @ObaTrench said that the minister should “Start with @officialABAT, the Drug dealer that was rigged in as @NGRPresident.”

@AleeyuAutahh told the Minister of Education that “We will surely appreciate if you will maintain justice and set the bar high for this operation. Chicago University certificates should be investigated too.”

@Hadeyolla said, “Start with our president @officialABAT,” and @ApoesoBabatope said that “They should start from the top first o! Leadership by example!!!” while @hillary0424 said, “Let them start from the top , Nigeria has it way to redeem it self but no we choose the side of distortion.”

Also, @NwabudeDaniel2 said, “Arrest Peter mbah first. He forged nysc and became governor of Enugu state. @officialABAT.

“Please I feel so bad that a man could forge such a certificate and it was so proven by @officialnyscng DG yet his governor. It’s too bad.”

Another tweep, @martindbold wrote, “How about the total educational certificates of the current president of Nigeria and his Vice?

“Are they leading by example? Those are two objective questions that some want us to sweep under the carpet. But, the carpet is too full. Objective answers only. Thank you.”

@tjjones0079 said, “Then start with your INEC president, then we can take you serious. Corruption starts from your government,” and @BighomieRay asked, “Where does Tinubu stand in all of this? Is he in support or against?”

While @bonnypumping said that the minister should “Start with the National Assembly & House of Representatives. Many of them are using forged documents,” @victordaberechi said that “If you are not going to start from the president then you are just blabbing.”

@NaijamustBgreat said that “Nigerians will take them serious when ever we see Tinubu in handcuffs for his numerous crimes and forged documents.”

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