Ricky Hatton ‘worrying’ about Tyson Fury and concerned before Usyk fight | Boxing | Sport

Ricky Hatton 'worrying' about Tyson Fury and concerned before Usyk fight | Boxing | Sport

Ricky Hatton is worried that Tyson Fury and Kell Brook will follow the same path that he went down after retirement, sending a warning to the Gypsy King before his upcoming blockbuster fight with Oleksandr Usyk. Hatton admitted that he had a “mini-breakdown” after quitting professional boxing and urged the pair to find interests outside of the sport.

Hatton has tipped Fury to defeat Usyk next month in Saudi Arabia despite a row within his own camp, but urged the 35-year-old to consider his next steps after boxing. Fury and his family have been involved in several documentaries about their life, while the heavyweight champion has expressed an interest in crossing over to MMA in the future, but Hatton still has concerns.

“It’s well documented what happened to me, I didn’t want to retire and it was very, very hard,” Hatton told Instant Casino. “I worry for people like Kell Brook and Tyson Fury because I consider them my mates, but you have to start thinking about what you are going to do after boxing.

“If Kell’s not happy and he needs to box again in order to make him happy, sooner or later the clock ticks down and we can’t go back to boxing anymore. We’re too old. I certainly reached that stage.

“I did my exhibition bout and it was brilliant, but then you have to find another road. I often listen to Tyson Fury interviews and I watched his Netflix series, which was brilliant, but I think what is he going to do when he’s not boxing?”

Hatton has battled mental health and a near-decade-long estrangement from his family has plagued the former world champion since hanging up his gloves, pushing Hatton to rock bottom and attempting suicide while fighting depression. “Since I came out the other end of the tunnel after I had a mini breakdown,” Hatton explained, before handing advice to Fury and Brook to avoid the same fate. “I found happiness.

“You’ve got to find other adventures; keep up with your training, hit the punch bag and it will make you feel better about yourself. But you have to realise the fighting won’t last forever, we don’t want to admit it, we wish it would go on forever.

“I did my exhibition, then the Sky documentary, and I’ve just come off Dancing on Ice. Channel your time and set yourself a new goal because I wanted to box forever and it sent me loopy when it was time to retire.

“And I worry about Kell and Tyson, so they’ve got to find something else. Kell is fit enough to do an exhibition but my advice to Kell is: those exhibitions don’t last forever and when boxing’s gone something has to fill the void.”

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