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Reality star, Tacha slams Ghanaian singer, Wendy Shay for questioning Nigerian artistes’ love life



Big Brother Naija star, Natacha Akide better known as Tacha, has taken a swipe at Ghanaian singer, Wendy Shay, for questioning the love life of Nigerian artistes.

Wendy Addo, had taken to her Twitter account to say that she was waiting for a day when an up-and-coming Ghanaian artiste would date a top female Nigerian celebrity.

She raised the issue while noting that Nigerian artistes also date top female celebrities in Ghana.

Wendy Shay tweeted; “I’m still waiting for the day an up-and-coming artiste from Ghana will date a top female celebrity from Nigeria like the way my Naija brothers do to some of our Ghana female celebs.

Ain’t nothing wrong with that. Love goes where love is, right? Ghana wake up.”

Responding to the tweet, Tacha said; “What is this? Lool. Is this really supposed to come from one of the supposed biggest female artistes in Africa? Black man be black man problem.”

This comes at a time when Ghanaian artistes have been taking jabs at their Nigerian counterparts.

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VIDEO: Nollywood actress, Jaiye Kuti shares a glimpse of her pre-birthday celebration, dances her heart out to Barry Wonder at 40



Jaye Kuti

Birthday is one of the most awaited days in a person’s life. No matter how old a person gets, the excitement of their birthday remains the same.

With self-pampering, birthday shopping, decor planning, and so many other things on the plate, it’s difficult for the person to remain calm

Popular Nollywood actress and producer, Jaiye Kuti is going through a similar phase as she’ll be turning 53 on July 10, 2022. She shared a glimpse of her pre-birthday celebration!

A few moments back, Kuti took to her Facebook page to share a glimpse of her pre-birthday celebration.

She was seen in a pre-birthday dance video showing different dance moves.

She accompanied the video with these words: ” Happy New month my lovelies 🥰it is my birthday month and as usual no peace for the wicked o.

Happiness cannot be bought it is so free guys. Join me to celebrate. May our years on earth be great and happy. Long life and good health to us all.”

She’s such a good dancer. Her numerous fans confirmed that she dances well after seeing her dance video.

Watch the video below:

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Separated: Is JJC Skillz blaming wife Funke Akindele for split?



The worst seems to have come true for one of Nigeria’s most-loved couples.

JJC Skillz has moved out of their matrimonial home in Lekki and moved into a rented apartment on the Island.

A statement from the movie producer and former singer confirms: ‘Dear friends and family I need to let you know that Funke and I have separated. While it lasted we shared a lot of things together and have created 2 beautiful children. The last two years have been extremely difficult. The last two years have been extremely difficult for us. I know I have tried my best fix things but I believe it is beyond repair now. 3 months ago and at Funkes insistence. I moved out of the house and apart from AMVCA have not been able to get Funke to sit down in an amicable matter to discuss the future of our relationship. I’m making this announcement so that the public is clear that we both are pursuing separate lives. We still have issues that need to be addressed such as custody and wellbeing of our children which is paramount as well as business interest which need to be disentangled but I have no doubt that these will be resolved one way or the other”.

This statement from JJC Skillz left no ambiguity about who had left whom.

No one really knows what actually triggered the separation. But going by JJC Skillz’s statement it seems he is putting the onus of the separation on his wife of six years.

In the statement, he says ” Funke asked him to leave her house and has refused any form of amicable communication with him.”.

This confirmation of separation comes after four months of speculation about the split.

The two were reportedly living separately for the last three-four months. Also, they haven’t made any public appearance in recent times.

Interestingly, he was also missing from all public events related to Funke.

Although things have taken an unpleasant turn, JJC Skillz in his statement insists that he still believes in marriage.

In his statement, JJC Skillz seems positive about the future. “We still have issues that need to be addressed such as custody and wellbeing of our children which is paramount as well as business interest which need to be disentangled but I have no doubt that these will be resolved one way or the other”,” he says.

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Actress Toyin Abraham, Kolawole Ajeyemi’s marriage in trouble



Nollywood actress, Toyin Abraham and her husband, Kolawole Ajeyemi’s marriage is reportedly in crisis.
Sources claim that Kolawole Ajeyemi confided in a friend about how he has been suffering in silence in the marriage for a while. According to reports, he said that his wife has been neglecting her responsibilities as a wife and occasionally does not sleep at home for days.

Kolawole Ajeyemi and Toyin Abraham got married in 2019 after dating for a while. The the marriage which is barely three years old is allegedly in troubled waters, this is according to information released by an Instagram anonymous blogger, Gistlover.

According to the report, Kolawole was said to have confided in a friend, saying “I have been managing in that Marriage, prior to when Toyin got pregnant, sometimes she doesn’t sleep at home for days, she doesn’t take up her responsibilities as a wife”.

He also allegedly said, “he has just been managing hoping things get better”.

43 year-old Kolawole Ajeyemi an actor, farmer and fashion entrepreneur along with his wife and colleague, Toyin Abraham are both a poster couple who have further garnered wide acceptance since they got married, but if the rumour making the rounds is anything to go by, there may indeed be trouble in paradise.

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