Reality of Tyson training footage ‘sad to see’ ahead of Paul fight | Boxing | Sport

Reality of Tyson training footage 'sad to see' ahead of Paul fight | Boxing | Sport

Ricky Hatton has raised concerns about Mike Tyson facing Jake Paul in their upcoming glamour bout after watching footage of ‘Iron Mike’ training. The retired British star is the latest skeptic to emerge from within the boxing community after the controversial contest was announced earlier this month.

With the backing of streaming giants Netflix, internet sensation Paul will go up against former unified world heavyweight champion in July at Texas’ AT&T Stadium. Only ten fights into his burgeoning career in the ring, the former Disney performer has admitted he sees the fight as a change to strengthen his case as a bona fide emerging boxing talent.

However, the thirty-year gap between the 27-year-old YouTuber and Tyson has been cited as a major bone of contention for purists in recent weeks. Moreover, with the latter having last boxed professionally back in 2005, he has made just two forays back onto the canvas in the form of a pair of exhibition bouts in the last couple of decades.

Now, the man once known as ‘Hitman Hatton’ has joined the chorus of naysayers after footage emerged of the 57-year-old Tyson preparing for the contest in a gym. Speaking to TalkSport, he admitted he has concerns for the fighter, confessing: “People get carried away because Tyson looks an absolute monster on the pads and in training.

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“But I think that is where people are justifying it because of how good he looks in videos in training. But he is now 57 years old, he continued, as he acknowledged Tyson’s credentials. “If it was based on how you throw your hands, he would go in there and make a mess of him.”

That said, it was clear that the Mancunian had major doubts that ‘the Baddest Man on the Planet’ still retains the same ability to withstand punches, given his advancing years. Giving an honest assessment of the prospect, Hatton continued: “He is a 57-year-old bloke, who is being expected now to go through rounds of fighting and taking shots.

“His punch resistance had already gone in the early 2000s, it can’t have got better and this whole thing is sad to see. If Jake Paul goes in there and knocks him out because of punch resistance and age, you don’t want them thinking Paul has got the better of him.

“It could very easily happen Paul going in there and beating him, and it gives a wrong reading to these up and coming fans who have got into boxing through the YouTube scene. You don’t want the new audience getting the wrong idea, and they could do from this.”

Given the age difference between the two competitors, some speculation had abounded that the pair may wear head gear for extra protection this summer. However, Paul appeared disgruntled by the suggestion as he issued a barbed denial on a video posted on social media.

“Some TikToker user made a video making up all these fake rules like me and Logan tag teaming him, us wearing headgear, all of this bull****, he vowed. If you believe that you’re a f****** idiot and you shouldn’t be allowed to vote, you shouldn’t be allowed to drive on the streets and endanger other people.”

Paul asserted: “I feel for any dumb*** who believes that and I would never let my fans down in a fight like this and wearing headgear? Come on now people.”

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