PRP Condemns Junior Defence Minister, Matawalle Over Threats Against Nigerians Criticising Tinubu Government’s Failures

The Peoples Redemption Party (PRP) has condemned the recent threat issued by the Minister of State for Defence, Bello Matawalle, against Nigerians who criticise the economic collapse and rising insecurity in the country.

A statement signed by Comrade Muhammed Ishaq, PRP Ag. National Publicity Secretary, on Sunday, said as a democratic institution committed to the welfare and progress of Nigeria, “we in the PRP, find such threats not only unwarranted but also an affront to the fundamental rights of citizens to express their opinions as enshrined in the Nigerian Laws inclusive of the Nigerian Constitution as well as the democratic tenets to hold those in power accountable”.

The PRP described such threats as uncalled for, saying, “As the people of Nigeria continue to grapple with the harsh realities of hunger, economic hardship, and insecurity, it is disheartening to witness those entrusted with governance attempting to stifle dissenting voices.

“The Minister’s statement not only undermines the democratic principles our nation stands for but also reveals a lack of understanding of the legitimate concerns and frustrations of the masses as well as their rights to protest which President (Bola) Tinubu had for years exercised as an opposition politician.

“The PRP calls on all well-meaning Nigerians to remain vigilant and resolute in their pursuit of good governance. We must remember that it is our collective responsibility to demand better governance from those who lead us.

“The Minister should not forget that the people of Nigeria are not mere subjects to be silenced or intimidated. They are hungry as a consequence of policies which they consider wrong, and their voices echo the urgent need for reversal of such policies to bring in good governance, transparency, and effective solutions to the myriad of issues facing them.

“We urge the Minister of State, Defence, Bello Matawalle to reflect on the lessons from his tenure as Governor of Zamfara State, where his administration’s failure to address the pressing issues of the state led to his rejection by the people in the last general elections.

“It is crucial for public officials to understand that their actions and decisions have consequences, and they must be prepared to face the music when they fall short of the expectations of the people they serve.

“In conclusion, the PRP reiterates its commitment to advocating for good governance, addressing the issues facing our nation, and ensuring that the voices of Nigerians are heard.”

“We will not be cowed or silenced by threats, and we call on all citizens to join us in this quest for a better Nigeria,” it added.

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