Prophet Iginla releases 2024 prophecies on Tinubu, Akpabio, Wike, Fubara

The founder of the Champions Royal Assembly, Prophet Joshua Iginla, has released his prophecy for the year 2024.

Prophet Iginla urged President Bola Tinubu to pay close attention to his health while cautioning him against betrayals.

Iginla charged the Senate President, Godswill Akpabio to pray against forces and pray that he finishes his term.

Speaking during the 2023 crossover service, the prophet said the Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, FCT, Nyesom Wike will face strong betrayals at the federal level, stressing that hard times are ahead of him.

The prophecies are read below…..

”2024 till 2026, the church will be more divided with pastors hating each other like they hate the devil. Many will backslide and secrets of many great men of God will be exposed and it will affect the faith of many young ones.

”Unspeakable things will happen in the body of Christ that will dampen the faith of many. I see two major Generals of God taken home and one will come from the Pentecostal.

”In 2024, the economy of Nigeria will go through tough times. We will experience real changes in 2025. The incumbent government will try its best but the prevailing factors will overwhelm them. It will look like what they know how to do but can’t do it. This government is like Saul to prepare the best level of where we are going, especially between 2024 and 2031.

”This government will try but will battle the war of disgruntled politicians on unsettled political promises. There’s going to be crab movement between now and 2026 with lions trying to eat each other.

”Unappeased Northern cabals are the forces I meant being them. Meaningful impact will begin in 2025.

”The dollar will keep getting stronger and the Naira getting weaker.

”President Tinubu should focus on his health to prevent medical emergencies twice. We pray God’s agenda for him will come to pass.

”Tinubu means well but be careful of those he relies on as I see faithful people becoming unfaithful and betrayals. Friends before can become an enemy today.

”There is the spirit of discernment on the First Lady, the president should not throw away her counsel.

”The national assembly will go through some shaking. They will make giant strides to enact laws and policies that will better the lot of the citizens.

The Senate president, Akpabio, needs prayers. He should pray against the forces against him and pray to finish his term. There will be a lot of scandals, things he least expected.

Taraba state. The governor will try his best to deliver on his promises but should work on his security architecture because of the attack I see coming. Pray not to be bereaved and pay more attention to your immediate families.

”Plateau State: The governor should pray. I saw his seat being occupied by another person. He should pray to finish what he has started. The governor means well but the forces of darkness in Plateau State will not want him to succeed. He should rise not to only sustain his seat but his life too. He is a star in this country despite the issues surrounding him.

”Kano: The governor should pray for his health and grace to sustain his seat. I see future riots and civil unrest due to the court judgment coming ahead.

”River State: The governor is a good man and where God is taking him is big. He should be careful of his advisers. He should continue to follow the path of peace with his former boss. I see another storm coming ahead and I pray he finishes his term. There will still be storms that will try to thwart the path of peace he is towing.

”Wike: The political destiny of Wike is very strong. I remember God said he is a factor in the scheme of things not because he is righteous or perfect but because of certain things attached to his destiny. He will face strong betrayals at the federal level and will face betrayals. Hard times are coming ahead of him. Will he survive it, yes he will.

”Kogi: The newly elected governor will try to fulfil his electoral promises but there will be strong battles between him and his boss influenced by those who want him to fail earlier. No matter the prayers it will still surface. He will have trying times ahead.


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