Paul threatens to use Tyson’s dirtiest move against him in exhibition | Boxing | Sport

Paul threatens to use Tyson's dirtiest move against him in exhibition | Boxing | Sport

Jake Paul is stepping up his efforts in the gym as he fired a tongue-in-cheek threat the way of upcoming opponent Mike Tyson in advance of their bout. The YouTuber-turned-fighter posted a high energy clip of himself hard at work on the punchbags as the months count down to the clash in Texas – before threatening to bite ‘Iron Mike’.

Both camps have been eager to demonstrate their mettle on their respective social media pages this month, with Tyson flying out the traps with a series of posts of him preparing for battle. Both adversaries appear intent on blocking out the noise as the fallout from the announcement of their controversial face off earlier in the month.

For some purists including British heavyweight ace Derek Chisora, the spectacle lacks legitimacy as a genuine contest – not least due to the 30 year age gap between the fighters. However, other household names in the boxing community such as Tyson Fury have come out in defence of the prospective bout due to the exposure it is bringing to the sport.

Taking to his Instagram page, the 57-year-old ‘Iron Mike’ has showed he still packs a mean punch as he defied his years with several impressive displays on the pads in recent weeks. Moving with a spring in his step, the figure formerly known as ‘The Baddest Man on the Planet’ appeared set on silencing his doubters in July.

His much-publiczed prepartions appear to have inspired his nemesis Paul to sit up an take notice too as he started his own gym work ahead of the fight. Taking to Instagram, he posted a video of himself training alongside the caption: “I’m gonna bite your ear off Mikey.”

This is the latest show of intent from internet celebrity ‘Problem Child’, who is just ten fights into a professional boxing career at this stage. Speaking in reaction to the videos of his next opponent which emerged in recent weeks, he admitted that he is excited to set foot in the ring opposite the ex-world heavyweight champion.

Giving an honest summary of his feelings heading into the contest, the 27-year-old said on his ‘BS w/ Jake Paul’ show: “I am biting off a lot. This is definitely the toughest, most savage, lethal opponent regardless of age, because the power is the last thing to go. But the reaction and reception of it is insane.

“I almost can’t even believe it, so very surreal and very, very grateful for all of that. We’re going to see. I want to see how hard he hits. Mike, I really want to see, bro,” he said, as he brought the challenge to his opponent. “Let’s see all the legends, the myths, because you’re Iron Mike Tyson.

Paul also appeared to hint that he felt the contest was evenly balanced, as he talked up his own abilities, adding: “But I have an iron chin, people know that. I take shots. I think people are underestimating me being able to deal with his power, and that’s something that’s going to make it interesting.

Speaking previously on rumours that both fighters would wear protective gear for the bout, the viral superstar hit back in an angry admission, asserting: “It’s f***ing absurd. First of all, obviously, none of that’s true.

“They’re so f****** stupid. Anyone who believes that s*** should not be allowed to vote. It’s sad,” he concluded, as she shut down any speculation, before adding: “We live in a f***** up world. Humans are getting more and more stupid every single day. It’s crazy, bro.”

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