Oleksandr Usyk slams Tyson Fury over earring jibe | Boxing | Sport

Oleksandr Usyk slams Tyson Fury over earring jibe | Boxing | Sport

Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk continue to trade barbs at each other ahead of their mammoth bout on Feb. 17 in Saudi Arabia. Sitting down with Steve Bunce for a TNT Sports Face Off segment, Fury tossed an insult Usyk’s way, commenting about the single earring the Ukrainian chooses to wear.

“I know he can’t beat me, I know he can’t,” Fury proclaimed to Usyk and Bunce. “A man who wears an earring can never beat Tyson Fury, ever. Not a chance, no one who wears earrings can beat him.”

Bunce then asked Usyk if he understood what Fury was telling him, to which he replied “Yes,” with a slight smile. Then, a calm and composed Usyk explained what wearing a single earring meant to him and the Ukrainian people and why he chose to do so.

“I can explain about the earrings,” Usyk said in Ukrainian before saying the next sentence in English. “It’s Ukrainian warrior, Cossack.”

The 37-year-old then reverted to his native tongue to further explain his point of view to Fury. “They were the people who defended my country from our enemies for many years,” he said. “This is just the proof of my Cossack lineage – they never lost to anybody. There is no beauty or fashion in this.”

After hearing Usyk’s point of view, Fury attempted to get under his opponent’s skin again by stating that wearing a single earring has a completely different meaning from where Fury is from.

“Listen, in Ukraine it means he’s a good fighting man, for him,” the 35-year-old said. “But where I’m from, it means he’s a p**** with an earring in.”

Fury attempting to get under Usyk’s skin to try and get him off his game makes sense considering what he is putting on the line against the Ukrainian in their marquee fight. “The Gypsy King” will be his WBA, IBF and WBO belts on the line against Usyk, the WBC champion.

Despite the immense pressure surrounding the fight, it appears as if Fury and Usyk are taking a relatively relaxed approach to training against one another. In the same interview with Bunce, Fury revealed that he is only taking half the time to train for Usyk than he usually does, which the interviewer had to confirm because it seemed rather outlandish to make such a claim.

“I’m not even in the gym. I don’t train this far out come on,” Fury said. “Who do you think you’re talking to? A professional athlete? Come on. I train four to five weeks for these fights.”

Typically, boxers train for 10 to 12 weeks to prepare for a fight. So, once Bunce heard Fury’s claim, he interrupted by saying that Fury said he trained for 12 weeks to face off against Francis Ngannou. The champion retorted that he did not train for 12 weeks against the former UFC champion.

“Please. Like I trained 12 weeks for Wilder and everybody else. Four or five weeks. How much training does a man need? Three or four weeks of sparring and one week of resting, done,” Fury said. Usyk, for his part, claimed he could also “keep on boxing non-stop for five weeks,” though he might have been playing along with Fury’s statements.

With their war of words and training regimens, it’s clear that no love is lost between Fury and Usyk. All remains to see how well the two can back up their words when they enter the ring on Feb. 17.

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