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Nigerian pilgrims in Saudi Arabia groan over poor feeding,lack of bed spaces despite N2.8million hajj fees

Some Muslim pilgrims from Adamawa, Zamfara and Bauchi States are currently disgruntled in Medina, Saudi Arabia, following the alleged inability of the National Hajj Commission of Nigeria (NAHCON) to provide either food or bed spaces to them.

The pilgrims from the aforementioned states have yet to be provided accommodation or proper feeding, despite paying N2,890,000 into the coffers of NAHCON according to some of the pilgrims, who are currently in the Holy land.
In Adamawa State alone, there are 2457 pilgrims who have paid to perform this year’s Hajj.
The pilgrim who does not want to be identified told said that, “There’s problem with NAHCON ,the National Hajj Commission of Nigeria. Pilgrims are presently groaning over poor feeding and lack of accommodation in Medina.
“Those affected include Bauchi, Zamfara and Adamawa and no one knows when it will change.”
Another pilgrim narrated, “It is the sole responsibility of NAHCON, not state, to feed Pilgrims throughout their stay in Medina. As we speak now, the breakfast of Zamfara Pilgrims arrived in their hotel around 1pm, while dinner, which usually comes around 8:00am arrived around 11pm, when most of the pilgrims had gone to sleep.
“In the case of Adamawa, there was no arrangement of feeding since arrival of pilgrims on Monday and most of us were scattered across hotels, forced to mix with other state pilgrims and some are finding it difficult to secure a bed space.
“This was the same scenario that played out last year, despite the huge amount of money paid for this year’s pilgrimage. The services rendered are not commensurate with the amount paid by each pilgrim.
“We are therefore calling on the NAHCON chairman to intervene to avoid unnecessary breakdown of law and order in the Holy Land.”




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