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New service chiefs: 40 Generals to go

The appointment of new service chiefs on Monday by President Muhammadu Buhari may end the military careers of over 40 Major-Generals, Rear Admirals and Air Vice Marshals in the three Armed Forces (Army, Navy and Air Force.

Following the appointment of the new service chiefs, the most officers in the ranks of Major-Generals, Rear Admirals and Air Vice Marshals, have commenced their terminal leave.

Mostly affected are members of Courses 25, 26, 27 and 28, of the Nigerian Defence Academy(NDA), and their Short Service counterparts.

It was gathered that the reason to retire the officers was to pave the way for the newly-appointed CDS and the service chiefs to operate freely.

Military sources said in Abuja that unlike in the past where some officers who are senior to the COAS, CNS and the CAS, are allowed to remain in service and posted to the Defence Headquarters to work with the CDS, who is usually the most senior military officer in service, the situation was no longer the same.

They said the decision to allow these officers remain in service had sometimes led to friction between them and the service chiefs as they most times kick against their decisions, using seniority as cover.



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