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New job vacancies at Human Edge Limited – (9 New Positions)



Human Edge Limited is one of Nigeria’s leading human resource consulting and staffing services companies.

Our clientele is made up of a diverse set of organizations, many of which are industry leaders in their own right. We believe their continuing success is the best measure of ours.

Production Controller

The Role
Reporting to Production Specialist, your key responsibility will be the planning, issuing and managing the production plan accordingly.

You will also be expected to:

• Review production orders and accordingly establish priorities and schedules
• Plan and monitor parts movement in production cycles to ensure continuous operations
• Monitor execution of production orders and adjust schedules for timely dispatch of the product
• Develop inventory control techniques to avoid shortages or excesses
• Review production plans to identify and report potential risks to manager

• Minimum certificate OND holder
• Ability to adhere to safety instructions
• Must be fluent in speaking and reading of English Language
• Good knowledge of computer skills

Parts Sales Representative

The Role
Reporting to the Spare Parts Manager, your key responsibility will be to maximize and maintain customer satisfaction.

You will also be expected to:

• Procure spare parts sufficiently and efficiently
• Supply spare parts and accessories to customers promptly
• Set the prices of parts accurately
• Update inventory control system and parts catalogue


• BSc or HND degree in Mechanical Engineering or related engineering background, with minimum of 3-5 years’ of experience
• Must have experience with computerized inventory systems or the ability to learn quickly
• Ability to look up parts and quote prices for parts using proper catalogue for particular motorcycle or engines
• Must have ability to get along with a broad customer base

Marine Technical Trainer

The Role
Reporting to the Marketing Director, your key responsibility will be to train and supervise junior outboard technicians.

You will also be expected to:

• Implement HSE policy by encouraging a safe HSE culture and submits HSE observations, reports all unsafe  acts and assist in the HSE audits of technicians
• Discuss equipment issues, maintenance plans and work performed with customers
• Ensure the availability of outboard engines and parts used
• Assist in the regular appraisals of trainee technicians


• BSc or HND degree in Mechanical Engineering with a minimum of 10 years’ relevant engineering experience   in Marine or outboard manufacturing industry
• Knowledge of boat industry, transport and fishing
• Must have knowledge of four stroke outboard engine
• Must possess interpersonal skills e.g. planning, organizing
• Should be able to work in a culturally diverse environment

Sales Representative

The Role
Reporting to the Sales and Delivery Manager, your key responsibility will be to maximize dealership, promote parts and accessory sales and improve business operation through on-site dealer visits.

You will also be expected to:

• Develop the client portfolio and turnover
• Create a comprehensive monthly sales reporting system
• Lead and support regional promotional activities
• Ensure that all receivables are properly managed with company policy


• BSc or HND degree in Business Administration or Marketing, with minimum of 3-5 years’ of experience
• Knowledge of dealership parts and service processes and systems
• Must be prepared to travel a lot
• Proficiency in sales techniques
• Good communication skills, both oral and written and able to work independently and be self-motivated

National Sales Manager

The Role
Reporting to the Managing Director, your key responsibility will be to create and implement sales policy.

You will also be expected to:

Maintain dealer and client relationships; and also develop the client portfolio and turnover
• Create a comprehensive monthly sales reporting system
• Organize the sales admin and delivery to customers
• Lead and develop the sales teams
• Ensure all receivables are managed properly as per company policy


• Degree-qualified in a business related discipline, with minimum of 10 years experience
• Proficiency in all techniques related to control, sales admin and delivery
• Excellent sales track record
• Strong, decisive, results oriented leader who can develop and manage relationships across the company

Advert and Promotion Specialist

The Role
Reporting to the Marketing Director, your key responsibility will be to generate and implement creative advertisement and campaign roll out for all projects.

You will also be expected to:

• Develop strategies to penetrate the market through various channels like Advertising, Special Local events and Promo field activities
• Plan and schedule projects in various stages for an effective control, monitoring and reporting structure
• Monitor and analyze advert and promotion results to determine cost effectiveness of advertising and promotions
• Identify and develop contacts for promotional campaigns that meet identified buyers targets such as dealers, distributors or consumers
• Implement PDCA model for continuous product and process improvement


• Degree-qualified in Arts/Social Sciences with at least 10 years’ post-qualification experience in any field of communication strategy and advertising
• Good knowledge of Promotion and Advertising
• Good negotiation, budgeting, resource allocation and cost control skills
• Excellent relationship management skills

Quality Inspector

The Role
Reporting to the Product Specialist, your key responsibility will be assuring that manufactured items are made and assembled correctly.

You will also be expected to:

• Inspect and test motorcycles and parts prior to shipment to make sure they are in conformity with specified standards, using mechanical hand tools specification sheets
• Observe instrument dials and gauges on dashboard records deviations from standards, like performance vibration, low oil pressure, discharging battery or stiff action
• Examine motor cycle for installation of specified accessories, like batteries and starter
• Identify and fix defect or recommend action to fix the defect
• Ensure zero defect delivery


• Minimum ND certificate holder in Engineering or any related course
• Must have experience in quality control and inspection
• Must know how to ride a motorcycle
• Good technical knowledge

National Service Manager

The Role
Reporting to the Managing Director and Deputy Managing Director, your key responsibility will be to operate an efficient service department.

You will also be expected to:

• Establish service network according to sales network development
• Develop curriculum and execute training of service technicians and mechanics
• Monitor all department warranty claim submissions and requisite credits and take action as required
• Maintain a high degree of customer satisfaction
• Provide high quality service for marine and power products


• BSc or HND degree in Mechanical Engineering
• 5 – 10 years’ post-qualification experience in motor-cycle industry or associated trade
• Must be prepared to travel a lot
• Must possess good communication skills, both oral and written and be able to work independently and be self-motivated

Method of Application

To apply online, please send a comprehensive résumé to quoting the indicated job reference as subject of your e-mail or send an application and comprehensive resume to the Head, Staffing Services Division, Human Edge Limited, 9B Onipinla Lane off James Oluleye Street (Harmony Enclave) Adeniyi Jones Ikeja, Lagos.

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These are the 5 most ‘boring’ — and exciting — jobs in the world, according to a recent study



Financial jobs may often be lucrative — but some of them could make you seem boring and even incompetent to the people around you, according to a new study.

Researchers from the University of Essex in Colchester, England, asked more than 500 people across five different experiments about the careers and hobbies they considered the most “boring” — and what characteristics they associated with people who did those jobs. The study was published in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin earlier this month.

Finance was overwhelmingly tagged as the world’s most boring industry, with finance-associated positions occupying four of the top five slots on the “most boring” list. The people occupying those “boring” jobs were also not seen as competent, according to the report, which surprised at least one of the study’s authors.

“I would have thought that accountants would be seen as boring, but effective and the perfect person to do a good job on your tax return,” Wijnand Van Tilburg, a study co-author and senior lecturer in the university’s psychology department, said in a statement last week.

Tilburg said that stereotypically “boring people” are generally disliked, and often avoided by the people around them — largely due to unfair preconceived notions.

Your perceptions of people can certainly change over time, but folks dubbed as “boring” don’t often get a chance to prove the stereotypes wrong, Tilburg said. “The very fact that people choose to avoid them can lead to social ostracization and increase loneliness, leading to a really negative impact on their lives,” he said.

Tilburg said he launched the study to explore stigmas around boredom, and how it can impact the way humans perceive each other: “The irony is studying boredom is actually very interesting and has many real-life impacts.”

Here are the results of the study, including top-five lists for most boring jobs, most exciting jobs and most boring hobbies:

Top 5 most boring jobs
Data analysis
Tax/insurance work

Top 5 most exciting jobs
Performing arts
Health professional

Top 5 most boring hobbies
Watching television
Observing animals
Some of those “boring” jobs do tend to pay more than some of the “most exciting” ones. According to compensation software and data company Payscale, the average salary for a data analyst is around $62,754 per year. That’s approximately $10,000 per year more than the average salary of someone in performing arts — roughly $52,522, according to Glassdoor.

And while “sleeping” ranked as the single most boring hobby anyone could have, getting regular amounts of high-quality sleep is essential to your productivity, health and mental sharpness, according to research.

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The 10 most-searched jobs in the U.S., according to Google—and how much they pay



The coronavirus pandemic has spurred millions of people to quit their jobs to spend more time at home, become their own boss or pursue their dream career, among other reasons.

This phenomenon – often referred to as “The Great Resignation” – has dominated conversations in recent months, and new research from Google based on its search trends suggests that this quitting wave is reaching other continents.

The top countries searching for “how to leave your job” on Google between January 2021 and 2022 were the Philippines, South Africa, the U.S., Australia and the U.K.

While Google did not include additional global insights in its report, their researchers did identify the top jobs people searched for in the U.S. alongside the phrase “how to become,” such as “how to become a lawyer,” to determine which careers people are most interested in.

Google’s research shows that people are most excited about jobs that help others improve their mental and physical health, offer ample travel opportunities and flexible work schedules. “Real estate agent” and “flight attendant” claimed the top two spots on the list.

Some jobs, however, are more popular in certain regions over others. People in the Northeast, Northwestern Midwest and Western U.S. appear to be the most interested in real estate careers, while swaths of people in the South and Midwest wanted to become notaries.

Only two states’ most-searched jobs didn’t include notary or real estate agent: New Mexico, where flight attendant was the most popular gig, and Montana, where people searched for personal trainer jobs more than any other role.

Here are the top 10 jobs people want in the U.S. right now according to Google, how much they pay and the education requirements:

Map showing the top jobs in the U.S. including real estate agent and personal trainer based on new Google research

Image courtesy of Google

  1. Real estate agent
    Median salary: $51,220

Typical entry-level education: High school diploma or equivalent

  1. Flight attendant
    Median salary: $59,050

Typical entry-level education: High school diploma or equivalent

  1. Notary
    Median salary: $37,000

Typical entry-level education: Bachelor’s degree

  1. Therapist
    Median salary: $47,576

Typical entry-level education: Bachelor’s or master’s degree

  1. Pilot
    Median salary: $130,440

Typical entry-level education: Bachelor’s degree and flight training

  1. Firefighter
    Median salary: $ 52,500

Typical entry-level education: Postsecondary nondegree award (certificate program and other skills training)

  1. Personal trainer
    Median salary: $40,510

Typical entry-level education: High school diploma or equivalent

  1. Psychiatrist
    Median salary: $208,000

Typical entry-level education: Doctorate of medicine, or M.D.

  1. Physical therapist
    Median salary: $91,010

Typical entry-level education: Doctoral or professional degree

  1. Electrician
    Median salary: $56,900

Typical entry-level education: High school diploma or equivalent

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These are the top companies to work for in the UK in 2022, according to Glassdoor



Software company ServiceNow has been named as the best place to work in the U.K. in 2022, according to Glassdoor’s annual employer rankings.

ServiceNow entered the U.K. rankings for the first time this year, with employees highlighting the company’s strengths in its workplace culture, career opportunities and training, in anonymous reviews left on Glassdoor.

California-based ServiceNow is headed up by Bill McDermott, the former CEO of software solutions firm SAP.

McDermott noted that the “employee experience is really everything” amid the return to work, speaking on CNBC’s “TechCheck” in August, on the back of ServiceNow’s acquisition of indoor mapping and wayfinding company Mapwize.

“There’s a war for talent out there … the companies that are early adopters to these technologies [will] win and the one’s that don’t will lose a lot of people,” McDermott said.

Global jobs website Glassdoor compiled the rankings by looking at companies that had received at least 30 ratings across nine attributes, including an overall score from an employee, as well as factors such as work-life balance, compensation and benefits, and whether staff would recommend their employer to a friend.

I.T. consultancy AND Digital came in second place on Glassdoor’s 2022 list and was also a newcomer in the rankings.

Jill Cotton, career trends analyst at Glassdoor, told CNBC via email that this year’s rankings had seen a number of new entrants partly because the coronavirus pandemic had “turned the business world upside down but this gave companies the opportunity to embrace change, rip up the corporate rulebook and put their people first.”

Cloud-based software firm Salesforce, which topped the rankings last year, dropped down to third place on the 2022 list.

Cotton said that technology companies dominated the rankings because they were “well-equipped to adapt during the pandemic.”

In addition, she said that the pandemic had forced many businesses to speed up their adoption of technology.

“This growing importance means that now all businesses need to be a tech company of sorts,” Cotton added.

Immediate Media Company, a special interest content and platform company, and Abcam, a supplier of protein research tools, rounded out the top five companies on Glassdoor’s list. Here’s the full rundown of the U.K.’s best employers.

The U.K.’s top 10 employers for 2022
AND Digital
Immediate Media Company
McKinsey & Company
Meta (Facebook)

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