Mike Tyson told exactly how much time he has to knock out Jake Paul | Boxing | Sport

Mike Tyson told exactly how much time he has to knock out Jake Paul | Boxing | Sport

Mike Tyson has been warned that he will only last two rounds against Jake Paul, regardless of his training efforts. The boxing legend, known as ‘Iron Mike’, will be 58 when he steps into the ring on July 20 in Texas to face YouTuber-turned-boxer Paul, who is three decades his junior.

Tyson’s last fight was an eight-round exhibition bout against fellow boxing icon Roy Jones Jr. in November 2020. He retired mid-fight in his last professional match nearly 20 years ago.

Barry Hearn, President of Matchroom Sport and father of boxing promoter Eddie Hearn, expressed his disapproval of the upcoming fight, suggesting that Tyson is risking his health by returning to the ring.

“It’s going to make a huge amount of money. You can understand Netflix’s approach. If [Tyson] doesn’t win quickly he can’t win,” he stated on Piers Morgan Uncensored.

“I don’t believe the other guy is much of a fighter but he’s fit and he trains and he’s young… two rounds, no matter, when you’re 59, two rounds max, Tyson’s going to be blowing out of his backside because it’s quite dangerous, boxing at that level… I find it quite sad.”

Tyson has confirmed that the fight will be classified as an exhibition, but denied rumours that he and Paul will be wearing headgear and 18-ounce gloves. Eddie Hearn has previously dismissed Paul’s boxing skills, describing him as ‘average’, and he reiterated his father’s sentiments regarding the fight.

Eddie expressed his dismay at the fight, stating: “I think we live in a crazy world where that younger generation is built off views, built off narrative, built off controversy.

“As a hardcore fight fan, someone who has been around boxing since I was nine years old, I find it disgusting that a 58 year old man – who was my hero growing up has to even get back in the ring.

“From a financial point of view with the amount of money that man was paid or partially paid during his career, to get in a ring with a 25-year-old guy who can’t really fight.

“I understand it and I was speaking to the Netflix guys, I don’t think they liked my criticism of the event. I’m just going to give you my honest opinion which is, it will sell, people will watch, it’ll be a big event and I don’t like it.”

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