Mike Tyson death fears raised after Jake Paul fight rules announced | Boxing | Sport

Mike Tyson death fears raised after Jake Paul fight rules announced | Boxing | Sport

Joe Rogan has admitted he has fears for Mike Tyson ahead of his fight with Jake Paul after the bout was made professional this week. The fight is set to be aired on Netflix, who have been said to have been instrumental in converting the boxing match between Tyson and Paul into a professional fight at the age of 58 for Tyson, after the confirmation was made from boxing authorities in Texas.

Rogan insinuated that the worst-case scenario of Tyson risking his life could be genuine if it goes ahead as a professional bout.

Speaking on his Joe Rogan Experience podcast, he said: “It’s not necessarily carved in stone yet, they might not approve it. If a lot of people protest, they won’t approve it. The thing is, if Tyson dies. See if you have something like that [happen].”

This is not the first time that Tyson has been warned that he risks his life by getting back into the ring with a man 31 years younger than him. One doctor has warned that him that he could be at risk of serious health issues – including veins rupturing in his brain.

In an article for the Conversation, Angela Ruskin University lecture Stephen Hughes expressed worry about the potential harm that hits to the head could cause Tyson. He admitted that any ‘immediate effects’ might be ‘minimal’, but cautioned that a ‘subdural haematoma’ – a condition where veins tear inside the brain – could be a risk for Tyson because of his age.

And while Rogan is wary of the risks Tyson is taking, he does not necessarily believe that the legendary heavyweight cannot defeat Paul

He added: “If he’s physically capable of recapturing 70 per cent of what he used to do. Just dealing with that 90 per cent of the power (will be a problem for Paul).

“70 per cent of the physical ability and 90 per cent of the power. Because the power is not gone, you see it when he hits the bag. The power is there 100 per cent.

“But he’s had a bunch of back issues, he had a real bad sciatica and he was walking with a cane. But who knows what they’ve done [with stem cells]. I’m sure he’s with the right people.

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