Mike Tyson confirms major Jake Paul fight rule – and fans are not happy | Boxing | Sport

Mike Tyson confirms major Jake Paul fight rule - and fans are not happy | Boxing | Sport

Boxing legend Mike Tyson has just confirmed his fight with Jake Paul will officially be an exhibition bout. But he said the rest of the rules they agree will remain under wraps in a somewhat confusing update.

Due to step back into the ring this summer, Tyson will be pitted against social media sensation, Paul, in one of the most controversial fights of 2022. The showdown is set for July 20th with a potential crowd of massive 80,000 people at the Dallas Cowboys’ AT&T Stadium in Texas.

Until now, much about the fight was uncertain but Tyson has clarified that it won’t count towards their professional records. However, he suggested it will still be a real “fight” and will be an exhibition only in name.

Speaking to Fox News, he said: “This is called an exhibition, but if you look up exhibition, you won’t see any of the laws we’re fighting under,” adding, “This is a fight. I don’t think he’s faster than me.”

Turning his attention to Paul, Tyson said: “I’ve seen a YouTube video of him at 16 doing weird dancing. That’s not the guy I’m fighting. This is a guy who’s going to try and hurt me, which I’m accustomed to, and he’s going to be greatly mistaken.

“Right now, I’m scared to death. As the fight gets closer, the less nervous I become because it’s reality, and in reality I’m invincible.”

The proposed fight will not be scored by official judges, and it seems that the rounds will only last two minutes, not the usual three. The fighters are expected to use 16-ounce gloves rather than the traditional 10-ounce ones used in professional boxing.

A fan expressed disappointment stating: “‘Real fight’ and ‘exhibition’ are like flip flops and jeans. They shouldn’t go together.”

“Jake KSI for the Tommy Fury fight being an exhibition by the way,” pointed out another viewer. “Of course it is it was never a real boxing fight to begin, Jake is a joke,” mentioned a third person.

“So basically it’s a sparring match and there will probably be no knockouts because of the big gloves,” remarked another observer.

Tyson, who has been training hard several times a day, said he opposes Paul switching his career from influencer to boxer. There’s no ill will between the two fighters, but Tyson promised to impart a lesson to the YouTuber-turned-boxer.

He said: “I will do just that but dislike him? I do not have no grudges against him, he’s beautiful – not from that perspective.”

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