Men can fake orgasms too!


Women are known as masters of faking orgasm. So much so that most men cannot actually tell when a woman is faking it.

But did you know that a man can fake having reached orgasm too?

As seemingly inconceivable as it sounds, some men have a hard time ejaculating and end up pretending that they have to keep the peace.

And this is why 29 year old Neo Ramasedi from The Vaal can relate.

” I have always taken long to reach orgasm, and I have no idea why. I started faking orgasm when former partners would complain about how long I was taking. An hour or so later they would moan about being tired, too hot or that they need a break, which would kill my momentum.

“This is when I started pretending that I had ejaculated. I would make the necessary noises and body movements. Luckily no one ever bothered to take a peek at the condom afterwards or I would ensure that I discard of the evidence really quickly.”

Ramasedi says that this has left him feeling despondent.

“I wish I could also be a two minute man who has an orgasm at the blink of an eye. There’s not a lot of women who can handle me and it leaves me wondering if I will ever meet my match. For now sex is a one sided affair for me. As long as they are satisfied, I guess.” he says.

Sex therapist Godivah says that delayed ejaculation is a form of sexual dysfunction and the causes vary.

“Ejaculation becomes classified as delayed if it takes a man more than 30 minutes to reach orgasm.

“The causes for this are quite vast; it can be because of medical reasons, like having suffered a stroke or heart attack previously, for example. It can also be due to certain medication, like high blood pressure medication or certain supplements. Alcohol can also be a big factor in causing delayed ejaculation for some men.

“But in my experience the bulk of the reasons why men experience delayed ejaculation is mostly psychological.”

“Some men have had previous psychological trauma, such as sexual abuse or an emotionally abusive relationship. It is quite common for most men with delayed ejaculation sexual dysfunction to want to rush through it to please their partner, all while compromising their own sexual satisfaction.” she says.

She adds that when it comes to treatment, identifying the source of the problem is key and that this will take a professional sex therapist, psychologist or even a medical doctor to finally settle on a remedy.

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