Lagos denies plans to sponsor Hajj pilgrims

The Lagos State Government on Tuesday denied plans to sponsor pilgrims for the 2015 Hajj as being speculated in some quarters.

Reacting to reports that some pilgrimage forms, allocated to key officials of the state government had been hijacked, the Amirul Hajj and Chairman of the Ad-hoc Committee on 2015 Hajj, AbdulLateef Hakeem, in a statement, said the state government did not sponsor pilgrims to Saudi Arabia.

He added that the state government was mainly interested in making sure the state pilgrims were well taken care of.

“I wish to inform the general public that Lagos State has not sponsored or intend to sponsor any pilgrim for the 2015 hajj operations. What we were mandated to do is to coordinate the affairs of all intending pilgrims for this year’s hajj,” he said.

Hakeem added that the state’s involvement was limited to medical and general welfare.

He said, “We are giving support by providing welfare personnel, medical officials and clerics to guide them and ensure that they remain good ambassadors.

“Lagos State Government recognises the fact that pilgrimage is a private affair of individuals but the primary essence of government is to ensure the welfare of the people within and outside the state so that they remain law abiding.”

He therefore urged all intending pilgrims to expect hitch free hajj operations and be good ambassadors of the state.


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