KSI sees Tommy Fury appeal rejected but furious manager devises three-part plan

KSI sees Tommy Fury appeal rejected but furious manager devises three-part plan | Boxing | Sport

KSI’s appeal to overturn his loss to Tommy Fury has been rejected by the Professional Boxing Association (PBA). However, the YouTube star’s manager Mams Taylor insists they will continue to fight their case.

Fury defeated KSI via unanimous decision in October at the Manchester Arena. Their bout was originally declared a majority decision but the result was altered after it was revealed that one scorecard had been added up incorrectly.

KSI felt he had been “robbed” and went on to appeal the result with the PBA, which sanctions influencer boxing in the United Kingdom. But a statement from the sanctioning body on Friday confirmed that there were “no grounds” to overturn the result.

“The PBA confirms that an independent review panel, consisting of two of the country’s leading King’s Counsel and a third lawyer, has determined that there are no grounds to overturn the @KSI vs @tommytntfury fight result from October 14, 2023,” read a statement posted to X (formerly Twitter).

Shortly after the PBA delivered their verdict, Taylor took to X to insist that the process is still “ongoing” and that they would be moving into the second of three possible stages for KSI’s appeal.

“The appeals process against the result of KSI’s contest with Tommy Fury at the Prime Card, in Manchester on October 14, is ongoing,” KSI’s manager tweeted. “We will now move to the second of three possible stages of the appeal, as we continue to fight to have the decision of the bout rightly overturned.”

KSI has also called for a rematch with Fury but the ex-Love Island star’s father, John Fury, has since poured doubts on a second fight. During an exclusive interview with Express Sport Fury Sr, who oversees his son’s career, revealed that he is no longer open to doing business with KSI after the way in which the YouTuber handled himself during and after the inaugural encounter.

“I’m done with people like KSI,” he said. “I’m finished with him. He’s not an honourable man, he’s a selfish man. If you make a bet and you lose, you pay it. I’m an old-school man and your word has to be who you are. So, if you can’t say to be people that ‘my word is my bond’ then who are you? He’s everything he shouldn’t be.

“I’m done with him; I’m not making any more videos about the bet because I don’t want to be around people like that. And another thing is the spitting incident. I’m no better than anyone else but I’ve never spat at anybody in my life and at the end of the day he wants a clip up the ear for that.”



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