KSI brutally mocks Jake Paul vs Mike Tyson with ‘next opponent announcement’ | Boxing | Sport

KSI brutally mocks Jake Paul vs Mike Tyson with 'next opponent announcement' | Boxing | Sport

Jake Paul has been mocked by KSI on April Fools Day for agreeing to fight Mike Tyson, an event that Jake labelled as the “biggest fight of the 21st century.” KSI posted a fight announcement of his own on April 1, using the fake update as an opportunity to call out Paul for fighting someone 30 years older than him.

Paul has received a lot of criticism for agreeing to fight Tyson, a former champion that will be 58 by the time they meet in the ring.

Fighting Tyson is a career highlight for Paul, an influencer that’s determined to one day become a world champion. Paul is currently 9-1 but has been called out for picking easier opponents throughout his boxing career, and ducking the one opponent all fans want to see him fight.

KSI and Paul have been arch-rivals for years, even though KSI, named Olajide Olayinka Williams “JJ” Olatunji, is a business partner of Jake’s brother Logan. That hasn’t stopped KSI from slamming Jake again though, as he posted on X: “I’m back baby! Fighting 75 year old legend and former champ. Don’t worry, age ain’t nothing but a number. Forman hits harder and is faster than ever before!” He also poked fun at the alleged rules for the Paul vs Tyson fight, putting: “No judges. 5 second rounds. 150oz gloves. No knockouts. No punching allowed,” on the posted. 

The post was a clear dig at Paul who has been defending his decision to fight Tyson. Unfortunately for Paul the age difference has caught up with him, especially after choosing AT&T Stadium, Arlington, Texas, as the venue for the fight.

Both Tyson and Paul wanted their bout to be a professional fight, meaning 10-ounce gloves, three-minute rounds, and of course official judges. But that choice may be taken out of their hands by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations, who wish to evaluate Tyson’s health first.

Tyson must undergo an electroencephalogram (EEG) and an electrocardiogram (EKG) to show that he’s fit enough to box. The TDLR requires all fighters over the age of 36 to submit EEG and EKG results. These tests are used to check for brain disorders and heart problems.

Depending on his results, the TDLR may automatically rule the bout as an exhibition, meaning that there will be no official winner. The official fight rules are yet to be confirmed despite multiple ‘leaks’ of an agreement, but Paul’s MVP promotions co-founder Nakisa Bidarian has stated that headguards won’t be worn.

Upon hearing the news that Paul’s fight may not be deemed professional, KSI posted another dig. “So it’s…An exhibition?” he posted with a laughing emoji. KSI was outraged when Paul initially agreed to fight Tyson, and hasn’t been afraid to voice his feelings.

“50+ years old… no one wanted this… so sad to see man,” KSI posted when the initial announcement was made. Paul and KSI have both expressed interest to fight each other, and the fans of each influencer have been wanting to see it for years. But no official fight talks have taken place. 

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