John Fury called out to fight by Ngannou coach Dewey Cooper | Boxing | Sport

John Fury called out to fight by Ngannou coach Dewey Cooper | Boxing | Sport

Tyson Fury’s dad, John Fury, has been challenged to a boxing match by Dewey Cooper, the coach of ex-UFC champ Francis Ngannou. John, who is 59, has hinted at a comeback to the ring and even dared to challenge boxing great Mike Tyson before his son’s fight against Ngannou last October.

Now, Cooper, who has been training Ngannou since he moved from Paris to Las Vegas in 2018, has thrown down the gauntlet.

He said to Mirror Fighting: “John Fury wanted to fight Mike Tyson, that’s a big fight and would make a lot of money. I don’t blame him, why not? If he called me out, I’d definitely fight him. I’m a coach now, I’m retired from fighting but I train and I can definitely train more if I’m ignited to do such.

“I haven’t seen him fight because the only fighters I really watch are the legends that I grew up loving and the opponents of my fighters, so I can’t really say. I wouldn’t discount his ability because he’s Tyson Fury’s dad and Tyson is one of the greatest.

“I’m sure he can fight otherwise he wouldn’t be so confident in himself. I just need enough time to train to fight anybody, but if he wants a boxing fight I’d definitely take it. I would have crouse study him to see what he does well and try nullify that.”

The boxer Ngannou is due for his second boxing match on March 8 when he faces former two-time heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua. Cooper, who has spent the last five weeks in Saudi Arabia helping Ngannou prepare for the fight alongside former UFC champion’s other striking coach John Mbumba, confirmed that he will not consider a match against John until after Ngannou’s bout with ‘AJ’.

“I have a commitment to my fighters like very few fighters, I don’t sleep at night,” Cooper said. “I’ll train them all day, two or three in morning whatever they want to do.

“I’m willing to sacrifice my body for my fighters and there is no bigger sacrifice than what I do with Francis, he hurts me often. Everyday I’m there ready for him to work, so that’s my dedication and my commitment.”

John Fury questioned the identity of Cooper in a press conference for the Fury vs Ngannou fight, saying: “Who’s that walking now? Who are you? Who is this man? Mr nobody, a cartoon character.” Cooper retorted sharply with: “You know who the f*** I am, I’m the Black Cobra. You know who I am.

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