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Jobs at Stanbic IBTC Bank (2 openings)



Stanbic IBTC Bank is a leading African banking group focused on emerging markets globally. It has been a mainstay of South Africa’s financial system for 150 years, and now spans 16 countries across the African continent.

Job Title: Manager – Business Solution and Recoveries

Position Description

To assume full responsibility and accountability of the portfolio (as per attached) of potential and existing non-performing loans under the control of PBB Credit of Stanbic IBTC Bank Plc to ensure deployment of effective recovery strategies through the introduction of best practice and maintaining appropriate and uniform recovery policies and practices across all portfolios. To work with the appropriate Business Units and Credit team to establish and implement strategies to minimize NPLs and maximise on recoveries on Written off accounts. This is achieved through the establishment of the Country Watchlist Committee and thereafter through the Watchlist Process where BS&R actively assists and oversee the Watchlist strategy with the Business Unit.

Manage and lead staff to ensure the minimisation of loss to the Stanbic IBTC Bank (Nigeria) by constantly improving the collections on NPLs, written off accounts as well as managing the rehabilitation and retention policy, so as to have the accounts redefined as performing. Ensure that appropriate collection tactics are implemented and security items are timeously and efficiently repossessed and realised; that adequate provisions are kept and that impairment charges comply with policy guidelines; expedite recoveries on the Post Write Off portfolio to enhance profits and ultimately develop and maintain and sustain good working relationships with the other business units within the Standard Bank as well as external stakeholders.

Key responsibilities

Risk Management

• Compliance with statutory, regulatory and supervisory requirements, to protect the reputation of the Group and to avoid legal action/sanction in respect of regulatory compliance matters.
• Utilizing effective recovery strategies to recover money on assigned NPLs and Written off accounts either in-house or by out-sourcing.
• Ensure compliance to credit policies and procedures.
• Report to Head of BB Evaluation/Recovery on changes and results on NPL accounts.
• Liaise with business partners on monitoring of accounts in early stages of delinquencies.
• Increasing awareness amongst staff of legislation and developments applicable to the business.
• Rendition of periodic reports on allocated NPLs and Written off accounts.
• To liaise with relevant units in ensuring adequacy of loan loss provisions in line with CBN regulations and Group standard.
• Comply with all the necessary systems and controls put in place to properly manage the NPL book, and maximise the rehabilitation of watchlist accounts in arrears.
• To manage and control collection strategies and campaigns within the NPL and written off environment with the aim of maximizing collection effectiveness and efficiency.
• Ensure effective and efficient repossession and disposal processes, secure storage facilities to be in place, and realising any attributable security on assigned accounts.
• Control and manage regularisation of accounts.
• Continuously participate in re-evaluating collection process in the country.
• Resolve all customer queries that arise on accounts in the NPL (as allocated) category.

• Liaise with relevant business units on developments within PBB Credit and their needs.
• Co-operative relationships between the various participants in the credit recovery processes.

People Management
• Participate in an effective Business Solution and Recoveries structure and team, ensuring that all the required functions are adequately and timeously addressed.
• Keep abreast of statutory governance and legislation applicable to the Credit Control environment.

• Comply with statutory, regulatory and supervisory requirements, to protect the reputation of the Group and to avoid legal action / sanction in respect of regulatory compliance matters.
• Adherence to internal controls and regulatory requirements and enhance procedures, in need.
• Report any breaches and exposures to the unit head and / or the division’s Regulatory Compliance Officer.
• Maintain high ethical standards to prevent market abuse.
• Provide relevant MI information to Head of BS&R.
• Control and manage all records on action taken on accounts assigned.

Operational Management
• Implement collection strategies and campaigns.
• Maintain a high level of customer service.
• Control and monitor assigned NPL and Written off accounts outsourced e.g Court Orders for Repossession.
• Manage and maintain workflow.
• Any delegated ad-hoc function from Head of BS&R.

Key performance measure
• NPL not to exceed agreed target as per KPI.
• Manage the impairment charges.
• Timely and accurate submission of all required returns / reports.
• To provided Customer Service to internal and external customers to ensure that queries/issues are resolved expeditiously.
• Co-operative relationships between the various participants in the credit recovery processes, inclusive of attorneys, liquidators, auctioneers, trustees and debt collections agencies.

Key dimensions of the job
• Total Number of accounts accountable for as per approved organisational structure.
• NPL not to exceed agreed target as per KPI.
• Recoveries rate.
• Continuous staff development.

Important relationships

• Credit Risk Management: Credit Evaluation and Credit Support Units (collaterals and account management) – for assistance on facility and security details
• Personal and Business Banking: Account Executives – for background information on new clients defaulting on payments
• Personal and Business Banking: Manager, New Business – for background information on new clients defaulting on payments
• Legal Department: legal advice on the most plausible method of recovery

• Tracing agents: for assistance where internal tracing has been unsuccessful
• Attorneys, auctioneers, and debt collections agencies in terms of Service Level Agreements

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Job Title: E-business Risk Analyst

Position Description  

Job purpose

The E business, risk analyst role is part of an integrated group wide organization dedicated to bring the organization’s information risks under explicit management control in order to prevent significant reputational, financial or other loss to Stanbic IBTC and its clients. This is being achieved through the efficient and effective application of risk and information systems business (electronic business) expertise to identify risk areas within existing and proposed solutions. The role performs the following activities:
• Review effectiveness of control implementation of Key Controls and Business Specific Control
• Support Business lines, e-business, Operational Risk and the SBG Information Risk Office for the successful treatment of risks across all information system platforms.

Key responsibilities

Review effectiveness of control implementation of Key Controls and Business Specific Control

  • Highlight effectiveness of risk identification and implementation of key and business specific controls
    • Monitor external and internal compliance requirements on all payments and collection platforms as well as other related systems
    • Assessment of the control environment with specific reference to high risks identified and key controls implemented by 3rd parties.
    • Recommendations on process and control gaps.
    • Tracking and monitoring of control gaps and action plans.
    • Provide Information Risk specific content to business partners and IR stakeholders
    • Provide insight to the dynamic threat landscape across relevant e-business (i.e. payments and collection) platforms positioning the banks’ risk posture against these trends
    • Analyse, correlate and reconstruct events where business operations related risk incidents have occurred within the Bank, determining the root cause, and proposing alternatives to prevent recurrence.
    • Define the necessary procedures to drive information risk management on major business initiatives / projects, providing control advice and measuring control effectiveness and efficiency.
    • Awareness of Technology and electronic business risk threat landscape as it relates to the Bank
    • Identify trends and mitigation approaches to business challenges in business operations.
    • Advise on information system risks and threat trends to new business opportunities in the e-business world.
    • Provide a holistic view of the risks to the bank’s e-business platforms introduced by personnel, processes, technology and external events.

Support Business lines, e-business, Operational Risk and the SBG Information Risk Office for the successful treatment of risks across all information system platforms.
• Support the ongoing knowledge management and formalization of what risks and threats the group faces and how they are being addressed.
• Support incident response planning and investigation of customer data breaches, and assist with disciplinary and legal matters associated with such breaches as necessary.
• Initiate, facilitate, and promote activities to create risk awareness within the organization, including awareness of information risk related regulatory issues that have a potential impact to the environment in alignment with group wide awareness activities.
• Support the engagement process of risk assessments and acts as a liaison with business lines to deliver value to the business.
• Establish cooperative dialogue between Operational Risk, e-business, Financial Crime Control, and IT Security by visible and consistent action.
• Promote self-compliance to information risk governance standards, policies and standards.
• Develop business personnel knowledge to ensure better information protection and management
• Support relationship with vendors and suppliers to ensure full value of contracts is realised.
• Promote a continuous awareness of information risk value to ensure timely engagement by business managers.

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These are the 5 most ‘boring’ — and exciting — jobs in the world, according to a recent study



Financial jobs may often be lucrative — but some of them could make you seem boring and even incompetent to the people around you, according to a new study.

Researchers from the University of Essex in Colchester, England, asked more than 500 people across five different experiments about the careers and hobbies they considered the most “boring” — and what characteristics they associated with people who did those jobs. The study was published in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin earlier this month.

Finance was overwhelmingly tagged as the world’s most boring industry, with finance-associated positions occupying four of the top five slots on the “most boring” list. The people occupying those “boring” jobs were also not seen as competent, according to the report, which surprised at least one of the study’s authors.

“I would have thought that accountants would be seen as boring, but effective and the perfect person to do a good job on your tax return,” Wijnand Van Tilburg, a study co-author and senior lecturer in the university’s psychology department, said in a statement last week.

Tilburg said that stereotypically “boring people” are generally disliked, and often avoided by the people around them — largely due to unfair preconceived notions.

Your perceptions of people can certainly change over time, but folks dubbed as “boring” don’t often get a chance to prove the stereotypes wrong, Tilburg said. “The very fact that people choose to avoid them can lead to social ostracization and increase loneliness, leading to a really negative impact on their lives,” he said.

Tilburg said he launched the study to explore stigmas around boredom, and how it can impact the way humans perceive each other: “The irony is studying boredom is actually very interesting and has many real-life impacts.”

Here are the results of the study, including top-five lists for most boring jobs, most exciting jobs and most boring hobbies:

Top 5 most boring jobs
Data analysis
Tax/insurance work

Top 5 most exciting jobs
Performing arts
Health professional

Top 5 most boring hobbies
Watching television
Observing animals
Some of those “boring” jobs do tend to pay more than some of the “most exciting” ones. According to compensation software and data company Payscale, the average salary for a data analyst is around $62,754 per year. That’s approximately $10,000 per year more than the average salary of someone in performing arts — roughly $52,522, according to Glassdoor.

And while “sleeping” ranked as the single most boring hobby anyone could have, getting regular amounts of high-quality sleep is essential to your productivity, health and mental sharpness, according to research.

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The 10 most-searched jobs in the U.S., according to Google—and how much they pay



The coronavirus pandemic has spurred millions of people to quit their jobs to spend more time at home, become their own boss or pursue their dream career, among other reasons.

This phenomenon – often referred to as “The Great Resignation” – has dominated conversations in recent months, and new research from Google based on its search trends suggests that this quitting wave is reaching other continents.

The top countries searching for “how to leave your job” on Google between January 2021 and 2022 were the Philippines, South Africa, the U.S., Australia and the U.K.

While Google did not include additional global insights in its report, their researchers did identify the top jobs people searched for in the U.S. alongside the phrase “how to become,” such as “how to become a lawyer,” to determine which careers people are most interested in.

Google’s research shows that people are most excited about jobs that help others improve their mental and physical health, offer ample travel opportunities and flexible work schedules. “Real estate agent” and “flight attendant” claimed the top two spots on the list.

Some jobs, however, are more popular in certain regions over others. People in the Northeast, Northwestern Midwest and Western U.S. appear to be the most interested in real estate careers, while swaths of people in the South and Midwest wanted to become notaries.

Only two states’ most-searched jobs didn’t include notary or real estate agent: New Mexico, where flight attendant was the most popular gig, and Montana, where people searched for personal trainer jobs more than any other role.

Here are the top 10 jobs people want in the U.S. right now according to Google, how much they pay and the education requirements:

Map showing the top jobs in the U.S. including real estate agent and personal trainer based on new Google research

Image courtesy of Google

  1. Real estate agent
    Median salary: $51,220

Typical entry-level education: High school diploma or equivalent

  1. Flight attendant
    Median salary: $59,050

Typical entry-level education: High school diploma or equivalent

  1. Notary
    Median salary: $37,000

Typical entry-level education: Bachelor’s degree

  1. Therapist
    Median salary: $47,576

Typical entry-level education: Bachelor’s or master’s degree

  1. Pilot
    Median salary: $130,440

Typical entry-level education: Bachelor’s degree and flight training

  1. Firefighter
    Median salary: $ 52,500

Typical entry-level education: Postsecondary nondegree award (certificate program and other skills training)

  1. Personal trainer
    Median salary: $40,510

Typical entry-level education: High school diploma or equivalent

  1. Psychiatrist
    Median salary: $208,000

Typical entry-level education: Doctorate of medicine, or M.D.

  1. Physical therapist
    Median salary: $91,010

Typical entry-level education: Doctoral or professional degree

  1. Electrician
    Median salary: $56,900

Typical entry-level education: High school diploma or equivalent

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These are the top companies to work for in the UK in 2022, according to Glassdoor



Software company ServiceNow has been named as the best place to work in the U.K. in 2022, according to Glassdoor’s annual employer rankings.

ServiceNow entered the U.K. rankings for the first time this year, with employees highlighting the company’s strengths in its workplace culture, career opportunities and training, in anonymous reviews left on Glassdoor.

California-based ServiceNow is headed up by Bill McDermott, the former CEO of software solutions firm SAP.

McDermott noted that the “employee experience is really everything” amid the return to work, speaking on CNBC’s “TechCheck” in August, on the back of ServiceNow’s acquisition of indoor mapping and wayfinding company Mapwize.

“There’s a war for talent out there … the companies that are early adopters to these technologies [will] win and the one’s that don’t will lose a lot of people,” McDermott said.

Global jobs website Glassdoor compiled the rankings by looking at companies that had received at least 30 ratings across nine attributes, including an overall score from an employee, as well as factors such as work-life balance, compensation and benefits, and whether staff would recommend their employer to a friend.

I.T. consultancy AND Digital came in second place on Glassdoor’s 2022 list and was also a newcomer in the rankings.

Jill Cotton, career trends analyst at Glassdoor, told CNBC via email that this year’s rankings had seen a number of new entrants partly because the coronavirus pandemic had “turned the business world upside down but this gave companies the opportunity to embrace change, rip up the corporate rulebook and put their people first.”

Cloud-based software firm Salesforce, which topped the rankings last year, dropped down to third place on the 2022 list.

Cotton said that technology companies dominated the rankings because they were “well-equipped to adapt during the pandemic.”

In addition, she said that the pandemic had forced many businesses to speed up their adoption of technology.

“This growing importance means that now all businesses need to be a tech company of sorts,” Cotton added.

Immediate Media Company, a special interest content and platform company, and Abcam, a supplier of protein research tools, rounded out the top five companies on Glassdoor’s list. Here’s the full rundown of the U.K.’s best employers.

The U.K.’s top 10 employers for 2022
AND Digital
Immediate Media Company
McKinsey & Company
Meta (Facebook)

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