Jake Paul issues response to doctor warning Mike Tyson could die in the ring | Boxing | Sport

Jake Paul issues response to doctor warning Mike Tyson could die in the ring | Boxing | Sport

Jake Paul, the YouTuber-turned-boxer, has expressed his excitement about fighting boxing legend Mike Tyson. In a chat with his friend and fellow internet star Adin Ross, Paul revealed his thoughts on the upcoming match in July.

Paul outlined how he was still in a state of shock regarding having managed to secure a fight against such a living legend, despite the outpouring of concern and warning regarding Tyson’s attempt to fight again while approaching 60-years-old.

Paul told Ross: ” can’t believe it. It’s like surreal to me. Even when you say that sentence, I’m still like trying to process and comprehend it. When we faced off for the first time, I like, just, afterwards, I started laughing.

“I was just like, stepped away and I was just like, ‘Bro, what the f*** is going on?”

However, not everyone shares Paul’s enthusiasm for the fight. Stephen Hughes, a senior lecturer in medicine at Anglia Ruskin University, has highlighted some potential risks that 57 year old Tyson could face during the bout.

Hughes particularly emphasised the danger of repeated blows to the head, especially given Tyson’s age, which could be fatal under certain conditions.

He explained that while any “immediate effects” might be minimal, Tyson could potentially suffer from a “subdural hematoma” after the fight. This is a condition where the veins within the brain tear, leading to confusion, loss of consciousness, and in some cases, death.

People who have had too much to drink, like Tyson, are more likely to have brain problems. Dr. Hughes remembers a boxer who got hurt and was very sad and couldn’t move well after, reports┬áthe Express US.

“I recall a patient, a boxer who had previously sustained a subdural hematoma and had physical disability and terrible depression,” Hughes wrote. “These were devasting permanent effects.”

Dr. Hughes also says that hard workouts can be bad for Tyson’s heart. The doctor thinks the 57 year old might get “cardiac fibrosis” from working out too much.

This means his heart muscles could get scars.

If Tyson gets this heart problem, he could have “heart failure” or even die suddenly, Dr. Hughes warns. But Tyson is still getting ready to fight Paul and looks strong in a video he shared.

Fans are amazed by Tyson’s skills in the video and wonder if it’s a good idea for Paul to fight him, even though Tyson is now and considerably past his prime sporting window.

UFC commentator and comedian Joe Rogan is firmly supporting Tyson in the upcoming exhibition. “I don’t give a f*** if he’s 55, that’s still Mike Tyson. He trains with Rafael Cordeiro, who’s a legend in MMA. He runs Kings Mixed Martial Arts,” Rogan said.

“Rafael is a world-renowned trainer. When you see him holding the mits for Tyson and Tyson is smashing the mits. Jesus! That guy can still f*** you up.”

It’s yet to be seen how Tyson’s body will cope with the training he’s doing for his fight with Paul and whether he’ll face any serious health risks. But Tyson’s mate, Zab Judah, reckons the former champ will bring his best game, no matter what.

“I personally think that the Mike Tyson we know – the animal, the lion, he’s going to show up,” Judah said. “That is scary. If Mike is taking this fight on, and evidently he knows exactly what he’s doing, and trust me, Mike is going to be Mike.”

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