Jake Paul calls out brother Logan over Mike Tyson lie and KSI switch | Boxing | Sport

Jake Paul calls out brother Logan over Mike Tyson lie and KSI switch | Boxing | Sport

Despite the 30-year age gap between the pair, they will meet in the ring at the home of the NFL’s Dallas Cowboys, AT&T Stadium. Following the announcement, Logan claimed he was offered the fight before his brother, but rejected the chance to square off against the all-time great.

“I said no to fighting Mike Tyson.” the reigning WWE United States champion Logan shared. “I was offered it, but not on Netflix and not for a big a** bag.” He then took a shot at Tyson, adding: “I’ve been asked, ‘Do you think you could beat Mike Tyson?’ My answer is yes. I just think he’s too old; it’s crazy. He’s senile.’”

However, Jake disagrees and claims his brother was never offered the chance to box the 57-year-old. “It’s not true,” he said during an appearance on the Adin Ross live stream. “We’re the ones that brought the deal to Mike Tyson, so I don’t know why he would say that.

“Me and Most Valuable Promotions and my partner Nakisa Bidarian struck a deal with Netflix and then went to other fighters to try and get them involved. It started with Tommy Fury, he wanted more and there wasn’t more money. And then we went to Mike Tyson and after months of talking, got him to be down to fight.

“So Mike Tyson wasn’t offering people deals so I don’t know what he’s talking about.” When Ross asked him why his brother would make those remarks, a baffled Paul said: “I don’t know, I really don’t know. But we were the ones offering people deals to fight.” Paul then proceeded to call out KSI, a fighter whom there is no love lost with, suggesting his brother acts differently around his new business partner.

The social media megastar and singer first called out Paul in February 2018 after defeating Joe Weller in his very first boxing match. KSI then fought Logan in August 2018 which ended in a draw, while Jake defeated the Watford local’s younger brother Deji on the same night. KSI contested a rematch with Logan in November of that year, which culminated in a victory for the CEO of Misfits Boxing.

Paul and KSI have verbally gone back and forth numerous times since then, but they have never managed to agree terms on a blockbuster boxing match. Logan and KSI have come a long way since their boxing rivalry, as they now co-own the widely popular Prime Hydration drinks. The 30-year-old appeared on Logan’s ‘Impaulsive’ podcast where they mentioned his brother’s upcoming fight with Tyson.

Logan said to KSI: “I don’t know if he’s [Jake] going to try to knock him [Tyson] out unless Mike tries to knock him out.” Jake then told Ross that he believes his sibling’s energy changes whenever he spends time with KSI, who the former Disney Channel star does not see eye to eye with.

“When he gets around KSI he sort of switches, because KSI’s energy to me is negative,” Paul said about fellow YouTuber. “You want to know the difference between Mike Tyson and KSI? Mike Tyson will actually fight me, so who’s the b***h now? ‘Oh, Mike’s 57’, Mike signed the contract you f*****g b***h KSI. You can say whatever you want but you’re fat running around doing Sideman videos and I’m changing the sport of boxing, the biggest fight in the 21st century.”

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