Jake Paul and Mike Tyson want major change for boxing fight but could face problem | Boxing | Sport

Jake Paul and Mike Tyson want major change for boxing fight but could face problem | Boxing | Sport

Mike Tyson and Jake Paul are hoping to make their upcoming boxing match, set to be streamed live on Netflix, a professional contest rather than an amateur one. The two men will step into the ring later this year.

The fight is scheduled for July 20 at the AT&T Stadium in Dallas. Ariel Helwani, a well-known combat sports journalist, has reported that both camps are pushing for the fight to be recognised as a professional bout. However, it’s up to the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation to decide if the fight can be upgraded from its current exhibition status.

On “The MMA Hour”, it was shared that the agreed weight class and number of rounds will play a big part in deciding if the fight is considered professional. So far, all of Paul’s fights have been counted as professional bouts, except for one amateur match against Deji Olatunj, KSI’s younger brother, in 2018.Paul won this fight easily by TKO in the fifth round.

The “Problem Child’s” only other fight in Texas was against UFC veteran Nate Diaz. Paul won the 10-round fight and headlined the card billed as “Ready 4 War” by DAZN, which took place at the American Airlines Center in Dallas.

The matchup was officially recognised as a professional contest two months before it happened after Paul and Diaz agreed to a ten-round fight. For a fight to be seen as a real pro match, it has to follow the rules of the combat-sanctioning body in the area.

Paul made it clear that he wanted his fights to count as professional when he talked about fighting Floyd Mayweather Jr. from 2018 to 2023. Mayweather conducted seven exhibition matches, like one with Jake’s brother Logan. The WWE champ tried to make their fight count professional as well, but Mayweather, who has won 50 times and is semi-retired, beat Paul up in an eight-round match that didn’t even count.

“I don’t want to do exhibitions and I think that’s the difference between Floyd and I and even my brother and I. I want legitimate pro fights that are sanctioned, I want to build my pro record,” said Paul. “I don’t think Floyd would actually fight me outside of an exhibition as he doesn’t want to risk his record,” he added. “Maybe if we can come to some kind of agreement around that, I’d fight Floyd. But I’m not doing like the circus, exhibition s****.”

The next fight might not be seen as a pro because of rumors from heavyweight boxer Derek Chisora. Despite all the rules of the fight not yet being public and tickets not yet being on sale, Chisora said the boxers will wear big 18-oz gloves and headgear, making it look more like practice than a real match.

“I know for a fact they are using 18 oz gloves and head guards, if I’m not mistaken,” he said. “I think so. So we’re watching a sparring match. It’s a f****** joke. You think I’m paying to watch that? “.

The 18-ounce gloves have more padding than the ten and 12-ounce gloves used in professional bouts in the Welterweight to Super Heavyweight divisions, which includes Paul’s Cruiserweight division. Chisora’s claims suggest that the gloves both fighters will use on the night of the fight are the same size as Tyson’s during sparring sessions in his amateur career.

However, Most Valuable Promotions business partner Nakisa Bidarian has denied rumors both men will wear headgear. Bidarian said:”Unequivocally there is no headgear for Paul vs Tyson, haters spreading fake news but it won’t stop the 10’s of millions of views.”

Tyson is widely regarded as one of the greatest heavyweight boxers of all time. He won the IBF, WBA, and WBC heavyweight titles before he turned 21, which is an impressive feat. Known for his incredible power, lightning speed, and intimidation tactics, the 57-year-old boxer has a professional record of 50 wins, six losses, and two no-contests, with 44 knockouts.

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