I’ve Petitioned Tinubu, Judicial Council To Punish Appeal Court Justices Who Deliberately Nullified My Election –Sacked Adamawa Senator, Elisha Abbo

A former federal lawmaker, Elisha Abbo, on Wednesday, said he had written petitions to President Bola Tinubu and the National Judicial Council (NJC) over what he perceived as a deliberate attempt made by the Justices of the Court of Appeal to nullify his election.

Senator Abbo said during his press briefing on Wednesday, which was monitored by SaharaReporters.

He said that the petition addressed to Tinubu asked the President to stop the swearing-in of C.E. Nwosu-Iheme who was recently nominated as a potential justice of the Supreme Court.

The lawmaker alleged that Justice Nwosu-Iheme, who led the judgement that nullified his election in October 2023, is corrupt and not fit to be among the Justices of the apex court.

He added that he had also called the NJC to investigate the issues surrounding the nullification of his election.

He said, “We have kept quiet for long and see some judicial bandits become a threat to Nigeria’s democracy. And it’s time for us to begin to hold the judiciary liable because if today, a doctor, through the doctor’s negligence, a patient died in the hospital. That doctor or medical worker will be prosecuted for negligence.

“If a driver is driving a car and through the fault of the driver, he killed somebody. The driver may be arraigned for manslaughter.

“Why are judges above the law?  They deliberately occasioned a miscarriage of justice and nobody holds them responsible. Are they above the law? Do you need to be in the good book of the law or on the side of the law? The answer is simple, citizens should be on the side of the law not in the good book of a judge. And the judge who gave the perverse judgment, who actually, three of our recent judgments are against the judgment she gave. She went against her own judgement in my own case, and was nominated to the Supreme Court.

“I have written to the President today, and I’ll read a letter to the President. We don’t need those kinds of character in the Supreme Court. I have petitioned the President to stop her swearing-in as judge of the Supreme Court.


“The one I sent to the NJC is to investigate them and punish them for the deliberate miscarriage of justice.”

The former lawmaker also alleged that the President of the Court of Appeal, Justice Monica Dongban-Mensem lobbied before the Senate in 2020 approved her appointment.

Senator Abbo also alleged that Justice Dongban-Mensem allowed corruption and bribery to dominate the practices at the appellate court.

He continued: “The good judges out there. Don’t give up. And if you feel as if the bad judges who override your good judgment are having a field day, no, don’t become corrupt. Don’t become bad like the corrupt judges. To the President of the Court of Appeal; because you are not mentioned in this letter, let it be on record that it is during your time as the President of the Court of Appeal that the Court of Appeal descended into the abyss of caricature.


“There has never been a time in the history of the Court of Appeal that the Court of Appeal became a cash and carry point, a POS point like as it is in your own time.

“And I want the President of the Court of Appeal to know that I screened you as a senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in June 2020. Your CV was forwarded to us. I have your CV with me. We screened you.

“Despite all the hullabaloo against your nomination, we looked at you and decided based on the merit and the document before us and we confirmed you in the Senate. Did I get money from you? Have I asked you to give me any money as a senator before I screened you? I could have objected.


“When you visited the Senate President, Senator Ahmad Lawal that time in the Senate President’s Lodge in Maitama that Thursday by 8:00 pm, I was there. I see you in the Senate President Lodge, did I ask you for money? Did you give Senator Ahmad Lawal money?”


“Today in your court, the moment matter going to the Court of Appeal today, it becomes something else. Children of judges flood either petitioners or respondents. Agent of judges flood politicians, asking you to go and see the judges. This is not the renewed hope of Mr. President,” he added.





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