Inside Britney Spears’ nude frenzy after 11 snaps in an hour left fans fretting

Britney Spears' post 11 nude pictures

Britney Spears caused concern last week when her Instagram page disappeared. Now, however, it’s back – and the Oops, I Did It Again songstress is posting more than ever.

It’s hard to believe, based on her recent content, that just last year the star worried fans with a slew of nude snaps posted within an hour of each other.

This time last year, Britney left her 40million plus followers fretting for her wellbeing as she shared a series of pictures of herself either topless or totally naked.

Britney’s first post saw her share three topless pics of her relaxing on her bed in nothing but a microscopic blue thong and a matching jewelled necklace.

With her hair secured in a messy bun, Britney grinned at the camera and covered her boobs with her hands to avoid an Instagram ban.

Another picture saw her kneeling up on the mattress, totally naked, with nothing but a pink heart emoji to cover her bum.

Britney put both hands on her butt cheeks as she turned away from the camera, letting it all loose as she sent fans totally wild.

 Britney Spears' post 11 nude pictures
Britney Spears posted 11 nudes in just an hour

The Toxic hitmaker told her followers at the time that she had “woken up in London” wearing her “Cabo thong”.

More posts followed, with Britney covering her nipple with a tiny emoji as she penned: “Not sure…tea or coffee? I held my phone up with a book and a remote control to shoot this.”

But despite some fans calling her a “queen”, others were simply concerned for Britney’s wellbeing – a trend that has continued into this year.

One commenter said: “This is not Britney.”

While another echoed: “First of all, the remote is right there in the first photo. Second of all, if you took these photos, why are they at different angles?”

“Where is Britney?!” someone else begged.

A fourth social media user added: “Bro no way this is Britney it doesn’t even look like her. Look at the facial definition…”

Not much has changed on the Britney front now, as just this weekend she baffled fans by deleting her entire Instagram account – just a day after releasing a new song with rapper

Though her Insta is back up and running now, she left fans freaked out after seemingly disappearing on them, with one Twitter user begging: “Where she at? Where she at? Where she at? Where she at? Where she at? Britney deactivated her Instagram.”

Someone else agreed: “Her new song hasn’t even been out for two days and her Instagram is gone omg.”

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