GSM operators add two million new subscribers

Global System for Mobile communication operators in the country recorded 2,099,945 new subscribers in the month of June, statistics released by the Nigerian Communications Commission have shown.

The statistics obtained from the website of the regulatory agency in Abuja on Wednesday showed that the total number of subscribers on the GSM networks in the country rose from 144,386,841 in the month of May to 146,486,786 in June.

The statistics also showed that GSM networks remained the key drivers of the Nigerian telecommunications industry as other operators contributed minimally to the surging growth of the subscriber base.

However, on the decline is subscription to the fixed networks. Although on monthly basis, subscription to the fixed networks marginally increased from 181,625 in May to 182,643, the annual subscription actually declined as fixed subscription a year ago stood at 187,028.

The total number of subscriptions to all telecommunications network in the country rose from 146,561,744 in the month of May to 148,775,410 in June.

On an annual basis, the total number of subscribers on all the networks rose from 132,186,840 in July 2014 to 148,775,410 in June this year. This shows that all telecommunications networks added 16,588,570 lines or 12.54 per cent within the one year period.

The GSM networks, on the other hand, grew their networks from 129,978,598 in July 2014 to 146,486,786 by the end of June 2015. This shows an addition of 16,508,188 lines within a year or a percentage increase of 12.7 per cent.

For the Code Division Multiple Access, a technology more popular in the Americas as opposed to GSM that is popular in Europe, subscription increased marginally from 2,021,214 in July 2014 to 2,105,981 lines by the end of June this year.

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