Francis Ngannou reveals he will struggle to finish with Anthony Joshua | Boxing | Sport

Francis Ngannou reveals he will struggle to finish with Anthony Joshua | Boxing | Sport

Francis Ngannou is acknowledging his limits heading into his superfight with Anthony Joshua. On Wednesday, the former UFC Heavyweight champion and current PFL fighter explained just how long his stamina will last before he becomes fatigued. 

“I will struggle to do 10 rounds but I’m human. I think [Tyson] Fury struggled more,” Ngannou revealed during the final press conference of his fight with Joshua. “AJ will be the best win of my career but I’m just getting started… I want a rematch with Tyson after!”

His quip of Fury struggling more falls in line with what the “Gypsy King” has revealed. After barely winning his exhibition match with Ngannou, the Brit explained how he only trained for five weeks instead of 12 weeks – which is typically how long boxers would train for – thus leading to his less-than-optimal form.

Ngannou’s willingness to divulge a potential weakness, his acknowledging he will struggle to get to 10 rounds, diverges from the rhetoric he had been preaching in the weeks leading up to his fight with Joshua on March 8. Recently, the 37-year-old explained how he was confident in his abilities to knock down Joshua, who is 27-3 in his career. 

“Of course! I believe if I land on anyone, I will knock them out,” Ngannou said. “The question is how to land? That’s the hardest thing. Almost everyone in this division can knock anyone out.”

However, during his proclamation that he had what it took to knock down the British boxer, Ngannou once again acknowledged the importance of conserving his energy so he has something left in the tank when the fight gets to the later rounds and he is looking for the knockout blow. 

“But how do you land or carry that power and energy from first round to fifth round to 10 rounds and still hit someone hard or knock somebody out after all the fatigue? It’s a chess game,” Ngannou admitted.

Joshua, for his part, accepted the challenge the former UFC champion posed and admitted he was looking forward to someone who claims to have the stopping needed to take him down. “I’m optimistic and I think, ‘Brilliant, I want that’.’ I want someone in front of me who thinks they can knock me out,” Joshua said, per Sky Sports. 

“But let’s see how good they really are. I want to be right in front of them, making it difficult for them to achieve their goal and see how much they really want it. This Friday, it’s going to go down, so I can’t wait for the opportunity to show my skills and combat this person who thinks he can knock me out.”

With Joshua and Ngannou’s war of words coming to an end, the real fight will begin. However, despite not having faced Joshua yet, Ngannou already has his sights set on a rematch with the Gypsy King, though the Cameroonian fighter will have to wait to get his wish of fighting Fury again. 

Regardless of who wins between him and Joshua, Ngannou will face Renan Ferreira next at some point, as per the stipulations of his deal with PFL. Ngannou’s fight with Ferreira will be in the Octagon, however, and not a traditional boxing match. 

Still, despite being a rival of Joshua’s, Fury glowed when speaking of the Brit in an expletive-laden interview with Sky Sports. “Anyone who wants to say AJ has a glass chin or whatever… (audio muted by Sky) nobody’s got a granite chin.

“Anyone who says they’ve got a granite chin hasn’t been punched properly. Either of these men land on each other it’s gonna be lights out. We’re gonna find out. That’s why it’s a PPV event.” 

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