Floyd Mayweather gifted £118k watch for birthday as he celebrates on yacht | Boxing | Sport

Floyd Mayweather gifted £118k watch for birthday as he celebrates on yacht | Boxing | Sport

Floyd Mayweather celebrated his 47th birthday in style, partying with Rick Ross in Miami, as well as spending time on his yacht and being gifted a £118k watch. The unbeaten boxing icon partied with close friends last week starting on Wednesday with rapper Ross.

On Thursday, Mayweather then hit up Miami hotspot Lush, where he was gifted the expensive 18k gold and 30 c. diamond Avi & Co. watch. Friday was more relaxing, with Mayweather and friends playing basketball at the Watsco Center in Coral Gables. And on Saturday, the American split his time between Kiki On The River and his big yacht.

Mayweather initially stepped away from professional boxing in 2015 but returned in 2017 to take on MMA superstar Conor McGregor. The boxer, who won 15 major world championships from super featherweight to light middleweight, defeated McGregor, keeping his perfect professional unbeaten record intact.

He has, however, since taken part in several high-profile exhibition fights, including one against social media star Logan Paul, as well as Japanese MMA figure Mikuru Asakura. There are rumblings that Mayweather could meet longtime rival Manny Pacquiao again in a fight in 2024. “Next year, I hope to see you in Japan again with a big fight against Floyd Mayweather,” Pacquiao revealed late last year. “I’m excited for that. Thank you for all your support in RIZIN all these promotions, and thank you Sakakibara-san.”

However, Mayweather has branded Pacquiao as “easy” in a brutal dismissal. “When Manny Pacquiao spoke about that fight, he shouldn’t have,” Mayweather said in an appearance on the Pivot Podcast. “When Manny Pacquiao spoke about that fight, he shouldn’t have. There’s a time and a place for everything. I’m not going to say he’s right or wrong. Just by him saying my name, I got a cheque for $4 million. He said my name when he wasn’t supposed to.”

He added: “Remember, he (Pacquiao) told everyone that he would dethrone me. Did it happen? Absolutely not. Was he easy? Absolutely.”

A rematch with McGregor, who’s set to return to the UFC this year, has also refused to go away despite nearly seven years passing since their meeting. McGregor and Co. insist a second fight would yield a different result to the first. Coach Phil Sutcliffe would back the Irishman to push Mayweather.

“He’s a little bit older Mayweather and Conor’s a little bit wiser,” Sutcliffe told talkSPORT. “On the stats from the first fight he hit Mayweather more than any other fighter in history. I watched the fight six or seven times… all you need is good balance, good footwork and good reading, but with Mayweather it’s a different thing, you’d have to give him a little bit more pressure. And I know things but I’m not going to say them on here, but of course it would be different.”

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