Floyd Mayweather breaks down in tears as he opens up on death of ‘sister’ | Boxing | Sport

Floyd Mayweather breaks down in tears as he opens up on death of 'sister' | Boxing | Sport

Boxing legend Floyd Mayweather got visibly upset when he talked about his dear friend Marikit “Kitchie” Laurico, who passed away last year. Kitchie was like family to him and worked with him for all of his 25 years in boxing.

Mayweather referred to his long-time assistant as like the “sister he never had” as he broke down in tears in an emotional interview. She died last March and was unable to do the two things she dreamed of: seeing a Super Bowl in Las Vegas and celebrating her 50th birthday in Aruba.

Mayweather shared his heartbreaking on The Pivot Podcast. He said: “Kitchie was the only person in life that I could talk about anything to, that knew my deepest secrets.

“There was no male or female in my life that I told more stuff to than her. She taught me a lot, she helped me a lot. Through rain, sleet, snow or hail, she had my back.

“All my assistant wanted to do was support me and help me be the best man I can be and she wanted my kids just to be positive and she was a positive person.”

Mayweather broke down in tears when he remembered that Kitchie couldn’t be there for the recent Super Bowl. The boxer said that she had some health issues but did not give details.

He helped her get medical assistance just a week before she died. He added: “We argue, we debate, we help each other. That’s a sister I never had. The best friend I ever had.”

Kitchie’s family informed the world of her death on her Instagram last year. The post said: “On March 31, 2023, our brilliant star Kitchie left the physical world… the angels of Thy loving-kindness came down one after the other and took her to the spiritual world. We thank all of you who have shared real love and positive vibes with her.

“We appreciate your patience and respect for our privacy. We’re currently planning a homegoing/ celebration of life for Kitchie, and we’ll share more details when they’re ready.”

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