Eddie Hearn confirms Saudi plan for Tyson Fury vs Anthony Joshua | Boxing | Sport

Eddie Hearn confirms Saudi plan for Tyson Fury vs Anthony Joshua | Boxing | Sport

Anthony Joshua could potentially face Tyson Fury twice in the future, with one of the bouts taking place in the United Kingdom. Eddie Hearn, Joshua’s promoter, explained how a fight between the two Brtis could happen at Wembley, though there would some hurdles that would need to be cleared before something like that could happen.

“This is a gentleman called Turki Al-Sheikh, who is obviously a very influential figure in sports and entertainment in Saudi Arabia,” Hearn said on The Sports Agents podcast Thursday. “He’s also the biggest fight fan I’ve ever met. And quite amazingly, he’s now talking about staging two Fury vs. AJ fights: One in Saudi Arabia and one at Wembley Stadium.”

Heard added that Al-Sheikh is very knowledgeable about the goings on around the boxing world and has noticed the comments surrounding a megafight between Fury and Joshua. “He’s one of those guys that listens and reads everything,” Joshua’s promoter continued. “So he’s definitely ready about, ‘I wish this fight was at Wembley,’ or ‘It’s a shame the fight is in Saudi Arabia.’ 

“I mean, we really must have more of a global vision in sport, boxing doesn’t just sit here but two Brits, fighting for the undisputed world championship, I think he would probably bring one of them to the UK, I really do. And that financially, they’ve got the ability to do that.”

Following up on his comment about Saudi Arabia’s financial capabilities, Hearn explained how it could be difficult to have a conversation about finances in general. But with Saudi Arabia’s backing, it could be made easier.

“But for the fighters, you’re talking about three times the purse to do it, potentially, in the Middle East and in Saudi Arabia,” Hearn continued. “It’s a very difficult conversation to have. If you said to everybody, ‘Where would you rather fight?’ most Brits are going to say Wembley Stadium. But you know, it’s prize fighting. It’s a dangerous sport and it is a difficult conversation to have.”

Before any conversations of a fight between Fury and Joshua can fully commence, the former must first focus on his next fight: Against Oleksandr Usyk in Saudi Arabia on May 18. Regardless of the outcome, Fury will again face Usyk at some point in the year, which pushes his first potential fight with Joshua feasibly taking place in 2025.

Meanwhile for Joshua, it is currently unknown who he will face next after defeating Francis Ngannou. Shortly after Joshua knocked out Ngannou, Hearn said that Fury was next on Joshua’s list of opponents, though the plan had to be changed because of the Gypsy King’s contractual obligations. 

“I think there’s quite a long way to go, and for some reason, over the last five years, there’s always been some s*** that gets in the way of it,” Fury said of a potential fight with Joshua. “This time the s*** is the undisputed heavyweight championship of the world, so that’s on the back burner for now. Great performance from AJ, fantastic, but, unfortunately I’ve got bigger fish to fry in Usyk on May 18th, then we have a rematch in October. After that, if he’s still available and I’m still available, let’s get it on.”

While waiting for Fury to meet his obligations, the Brit suggest Joshua take on Filip Hrgovic for the vacant IBF heavyweight championship. Hrgovic is the No. 1 ranked contender and would have faced the the winner of Fury and Usyk’s bout under different circumstances. 

During Fury and Usyk’s May 18 fight, all four belts (WBA, WBC, IBF and WBO) will be on the line, with the IBF title being vacated because of their rematch clause. As Fury continues his busy year, the 35-year-old explained how Joshua should continue training. 

“He can do what he wants because it’s none of my business, actually,” Fury said. “He’s got to fight, hasn’t he, he can’t wait a year, because inactivity is no good, as we know. He’s got to keep active and maybe chase down a title. After I beat Usyk there will be an IBF title vacant, so maybe he can fight Hrgovic for the IBF.”

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