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Doctors save a chopped 4-5!

A mentally-ill man who intentionally chopped his 4-5 in a suicide attempt has had it reattached!

According to Daily Mail, the 34-year-old man from Birmingham in England was found unconscious at his home following a psychotic breakdown in which he cut off his 4-5 with a kitchen knife.

The disturbing incident was published in the British Medical Journal Case Reports.

The journal revealed the unidentified man suffered from paranoid schizophrenia and had several stab wounds on his body.

“His penis was put on ice and taken to University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust in the ambulance with him,” the article read.

It is reported that the man’s 4-5 was reattached 24 hours later following his admission to the operating theatre.

The medical journal also revealed the man was transferred to a psychiatric centre for two weeks after he recovered.

“The patient reported return of sensation to the penis as well as spontaneous erection six weeks postoperatively,” the authors wrote in the report.



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